23 signature bags for less than 200 euros perfect to ask for Santa Claus

We don't know if the Christmas spirit has invaded you or if you really Santa Claus (or the Three Wise Men) will pass by your home, but there is one more obvious fact: you will want invoke all the gods so that at this time someone - you can be yourself - gives you one of these wonderful 23 luxury bags for less than 200 euros. It is not a utopia, just a reality: take advantage of the time of discounts and create a perfect closet bottom (for much less).

Thinking about the summer season

  • White macramé and Staud's mauve basket, 165 euros.
  • Bucket bag type of Collective Basket, 185 euros.
  • Cult Gaia 'Ark' model, 90 euros.
  • Wicker and Muuñ striped detail, 85 euros.

Elegance in its purest form

  • Garnet color by Nico Giani, 168 euros.
  • Black by Michael Kors, 176 euros.

Extreme originality

  • With alien face of Stella McCartney, 171 euros.
  • With the word 'Love' by Le Petits Joueurs, 195 euros.
  • Pink Moschino, 195,30 euros.
  • In Carven sheepskin, 153 euros.

In miniature version

  • Attic bag sequins, 105 euros.
  • Tory Burch electric blue hair, 187 euros.
  • Multicolored Kenzo, 174 euros.
  • Transparent lace by Christopher Kane, 184 euros.
  • With stars set from Salar, 147 euros.
  • In coral color by Alexander Wang, 153 euros.

The color note of your outfit

  • Turquoise blue by Paco Rabanne, 188 euros.
  • In yellow by Paula Cademartori, 190 euros.
  • Multicolored striped Diane Von Furstenberg, 196 euros.
  • Coach green, 143 euros.
  • To moles of Sophie Hulme, 166 euros.
  • Striped blue and green by Sara Battaglia, 140 euros.
  • In Marc Jacobs backpack version, 77 euros.

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