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The Christmas of excesses: the keys to give to children at Christmas and not spoil them

With the arrival of Christmas one of our biggest concerns is the gifts we make. Not only for the money we are going to spend - but also - but for making the perfect gift with the budget we have. This concern is compounded when we have children. Partly for what we are going to give them to us, but also for what others are going to give them.

And, many of us are worried that the children around us enjoy Christmas and are happy, but also that they do not focus these holidays on the gifts they will receive. Thus, Many parents are beginning to give their relatives guidelines about gifts to give their children, how many to give, and what kind of gifts to make. There are some keys that we can follow to give gifts to our children without worrying about spoiling them.

Gifts at Christmas or Kings

One of the things we find when giving children is that they have not yet finished opening Christmas gifts and they already receive those from Reyes. Sometimes this causes too many gifts, which stop paying attention quickly to the first ones you got and that gifts are not valued as they deserve.

Therefore, it is recommended choose to give only one of the days and give all the gifts on that day. On some occasions, it may be a good idea to choose one of the two days - the one that best suits each family for logistics - to give the big gifts and the other day give the child some small detail. In this way there will not be an excess of gifts and they will also learn to appreciate the detail.

Fun and stimulating toys

Of course, children deserve toys that are only and exclusively for fun or because they look pretty. However, a good idea is dedicate a part of what is going to be given to these types of toys and the other part to games that help stimulate their creativity, their intellect and their sociability.

If there are several children, give them a toy that they can use together, learning to share and encouraging so play with each other. Board games, crafts, construction games, even paintings or musical instruments are a good idea in these cases.

Agree with the family

It is of little use that we make the decision not to give them too many gifts, to give them only one day or to choose more stimulating toys, if our families do not know it and give away without taking into account those guidelines. Thus It is extremely important that we talk to our family members and, even, that we agree with them on the gifts that we are going to give them.

Give away thinking about the boy or the girl

The reality is that children receive a lot of publicity during these dates and most commonly they want everything. Of course, we must pay attention to what the children tell us they want, but as adults we must take time to differentiate what a real desire is and what is an impulsive whim caused by advertising.

For this it is recommended that we think about what the boy or girl we are going to give is, what their tastes are and what toys they use the most. This way we will be able to choose one or two things from your list that we really know that they will use in the long term, instead of being abandoned after two days.

Christmas is much more than gifts

It is important that children appreciate these holidays for more than gifts that they receive Therefore, it is important that we dedicate these dates especially to create beautiful and lasting memories with them. Put the tree all together, letting the children collaborate and choose what ornaments they want to put and where it can end up being the most magical Christmas.

The same goes for some more Christmas activities. All families have some kind of tradition, it can be making special cookies, a particular type of food, putting Christmas carols on a certain day, hanging ornaments, or watching a specific movie every year. Create these customs and make children part of it it can be the gift that they carry for their whole life.

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