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Lady Gaga, Keira Knightley, Sarah Paulson, Vanessa Hudgens and Sara Sampaio at the 25th Anniversary party of Elle Magazine

Last night in Los Angeles the party of the 25th anniversary of Elle magazine. World stars met on a red carpet with a lot of level, but also with small elements that did not fit too much. In this party the most important thing is not only to pose well, but to defend the model with an attitude regardless of what you have chosen. Today we analyze the best and worst of this gala.

Lady Gaga

Spectacular, this is what the look has looked like Lady Gaga Yesterday night This male-style tailor jacket suit with cut oversize from Marc Jacobs It has left us speechless. She cannot favor him anymore, and she takes it in the best possible way, without accessories and with a beauty look very polished

Keira Knightley

Chanel has been again in charge of dressing Keira Knightley With this gray tulle design with a flower-shaped rhinestones decoration on one side. A beautiful dress that, however, does not make it shine as on other occasions.

Sarah Paulson

We are used to seeing Sarah Paulson with risky looks, but very elegant. Last night we saw her following the fashion path, but with a somewhat less spectacular and lucid look. This is a green and white dress with patterned fringes in the upper area of Calvin Klein 205W39NYC.

Vanessa Hudgens

The worst dress of the night, by far, was Vanessa Hudgens that came with this beige chiffon dress signed by Alberta Ferretti. The mandrel moment of the suspenders in brown color is already complicated, but if we accompany it with that denim jacket in tile tone there is no longer an option.

Sara Sampaio

The model Sara Sampaio continued in her sexy and sequined line wearing this mini dress with openings and asymmetries of Julien McDonald. A design that favors her and that she can defend with the greatest ease.

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