Red carpet

Michelle Williams gives new meaning to the phrase 'dress to succeed' in this Hollywood premiere

Last night the international presentation of Venom, the new film by Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams. The actress did not miss the opportunity to show that she is full of style on all four sides. And he did it like a charm, choosing silver as a flag and becoming a snow queen that will inspire us in our looks of autumn guest. Silver is a trend and she knows it!

The actress has opted for one of her head designers, Louis Vuitton, who is also a brand ambassador. But with dresses like this, why take your feet out of the pot? A metallic design, full of two-tone sequins that create intricate drawings on the skirt. If this master embroidery is already spectacular, the lace and appliques of that V-shaped cut have made it one of the best looks Michelle Williams

Looking at more detail, we see that the neckline brocades include golden details, creating a contrast that highlights its polish pixie blond. Little more has Michelle Williams needed to be unpolluted. Therefore, she has gone from jewelry, accessories or very marked makeup. A complexion illuminated at the blow of higlighter With natural lips they have been everything: the dress has taken care of the rest.