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Nine golden sandals to always wear and hit, no matter what your style

Who tells you that golden sandals don't fit in your closet is because you don't know the variety of options that exist. This shoe has earned the title of sandals Item of the summer, with nine different designs that adapt to all styles. From flat designs that raise your looks beach and effortless until very proposed glamorous That will make you the best guest possible. Which is yours?

Golden Strappy Sandals: the favorite minimalist option in the red carpet

If all celebrities choose this type of sandals minimal on the red carpet is because they are a sure hit. And this golden shoe adds the touch of glamor perfect to any look, raising styling subtly, elegant and very effective.

The wide heel has democratized the golden sandals

Golden sandals have gained a lot of popularity since the wide and medium heel became fashionable. Because that makes it possible to show all your glamor Y take advantage of that look so chic that they create without having to face heels impossible. Especially in summer, when our feet ask for comfort screaming. Either looks Afternoon or wedding outfits, now golden sandals are much more than ever an option.

The mules gold as a fashion alternative

This low-cut footwear is gaining more and more followers, either in its moccasin format or with a sandal design boasting pedicures. The reality is that they manage to create looks more modern because they are trending, but also result more visible and statement thanks to its design chunky, to which all eyes turn.

The golden platform sandals for the most modern

Modern and comfort lovers, because the platforms and flatforms they help us to gain centimeters tall without facing the heel. its look is very millennial and young, creating off-road styling that will accompany us all summer.

We tie the golden sandals to the ankle for the boho-chic more chic

If yours is a hippie and more relaxed style, the sandals that climb the leg and knot With laces are your thing. We have seen them in very natural and organic earth tones and even with rope effect. But there are also gold ones, which give a brushstroke of shine to these looks so romantic and boho They want this season.

The most draped golden sandals vintage and elegant

If you think any past tense was better. Or you love the style of it girls the likes of Grace Kelly or Carrie Bradshaw. Or do you like the style more ladylike Y preppy in which any detail of loop is better. Then you are flip flops peep-toe with draped and gathered creating shapes vintage they're for you.

The red effect is the great novelty in our feet

If there is a novelty that triumphs in footwear now, it is the net fabric full of holes and perforations. It's about a handmade look very original, that reminiscent of crochet or more elaborate lace. If we have carried it in the bag, why not in the sandals?

The touch of brightness without complications comes in flat format

If you want to invest in some golden sandals that never go out of style, the bid is between those of minimalist strips and flat ones. Eliminated any heel of the equation and elevated comfort to the maximum, it is clear that these will be the ones that always go with you in your suitcase: brightness assured without complicating life.

The beach flip flops are completely metallic

We end up with an option that is gaining more and more prominence. Because flip flops and sandals flip-flop they are no longer just for the pool and have taken the street style as your new playground. These are also dyed metallic tones, blending perfectly the athleisure, The effect effortless and a touch of brightness (which never hurts).

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