The controversy is unleashed on coconut oil: a Harvard teacher calls it "pure poison"

It's been a long time since he coconut oil It has become an essential not only in the world of beauty, but in the world of nutrition and diets. In fact, so far, we had not heard more than benefits of this oil, however, now the controversy is served after the study conducted by Professor Michels of Harvard who has directly described it as "pure poison."

The controversy has arisen after a lecture given by the professor at a German university in which ensures that coconut oil is one of the worst foods that can be used.

As we mentioned, lately there is no new diet that does not include coconut oil among its ranks. In fact, there are many celebrities who have positioned themselves in their favor and there are many who have included it among their basic consumption. Such is the case, that it will not be strange for you to include it not only in the daily kitchen, but also in smoothies, and even dry stick in the mornings. And, so far, coconut oil was one of the paradigms of slimming, which also increases immune defenses and accelerates metabolism.

Well, it seems that, in the end, everything that glitters is not gold and far from being considered a superfoodIt can even be very harmful to health. Thus, the teacher says that it is even more dangerous than butter, since it contains a 92% saturated fatty acids and has almost no essential fatty acids. Being, therefore, saturated fat increases bad cholesterol which is responsible for blocking the arteries and, therefore, lead to Heart problems.

Michels believes that the current use of coconut oil is prey to fashion and total misinformation, which has triggered its sales to unsuspected levels.

It is true that this controversy is not new, since last year the Americans Heart Foundation published a study that warned that ingesting this type of oil was harmful to health. Now, the teacher, comes to endorse the theory and put the points on the items about its consumption.

Likewise, as we have been able to read, Estefanía Toledo, from the University of Navarra, indicates that coconut oil contains mainly saturated fatty acids and that it can increase the concentrations of HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol), which are not compensated with the increase in LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol), so Coconut oil can have a detrimental effect on cardiovascular health if consumed regularly.

Personally, I have never used coconut oil beyond that for purely beauty uses. I mean, I've never included it in my diet, I prefer the lifelong AVOE. Of course, few things they moisturize my hair more than a night mask composed of coconut oil and as a make-up remover, it is also a routine that I like.

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