Italian summers and very citrus with the new Dolce & Gabbana collection

It must be recognized that there are collections of makeup, or cosmetics in general, that smell like their stations. So, Italian Zest the new Dolce & Gabbana collection It can't smell and be more evocative of summer. And it is a collection where citrus tones intermingle with luminous products and even very fresh fragrances. Prepare the card because massive purchase is coming.

With a single glance at this collection you already know what we are talking about. Very summery images where the sea takes center stage, with very bright, bright tones and happy that encourage us to enjoy the good weather.

Thus, we begin the review of the pieces that we find with the monochromatic eye shadows, specifically the Perfect Mono Eyeshadow that are released in limited edition, same as the entire collection and where we see three metallic tones where gold and bronze tones become protagonists:

  • 35 Gold Sand
  • 41 Copper
  • 50 Bronze

We continue with the lipsticks that really attract attention (especially the yellow tone). It's about the Miss Sicily Lipstick in limited edition where they offer us 4 new tones, namely:

  • 420 Angela
  • 120 Antonia
  • 130 Gaetana
  • 600 Maria

You can not miss a good illuminator for skins full of light and wonderful. So, we have the Italian Zest Healthy Glow Stick, stick illuminators in limited edition in golden and bright tones.

  • 20 Bronze
  • 10 Shimmer

Three nail polishes to each one more cool, where we find a coral red, orange has conquered me by others and an aquamarine that I see ideal for a pedicure.

  • 612 Anguria
  • 714 Anice
  • 606 Mandarin

And how could it be less, from Dolce & Gabbana they give us all the steps to achieve the look of this campaign that is ideal, and that part of apply the Bronze 20 illuminator on the forehead, the sunken part of the cheeks and under the line of the jaw to increase the brightness in a single gesture, blurring it mainly with the fingers.

Then apply the other illuminator in the cheekbones, arch of the eyebrows, and over the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin and the bow of Cupid.

Then we would go to the eyebrows where he uses Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo, for the shadows they apply Perfect Mono Eyeshadow in Copper 41 on the eyelid and the external angle of the eye, and Perfect Mono Eyeshadow in Gold Sand 35 on the crease, the internal angle of the eye and the lower eyelid to give more intensity. We would only have to define the lash line with Emotioneyes Eyeliner Stylo in Nero 1, to end with the Passioneyes Waterproof Mascara Nero 1 mascara.

Now we would only have the lips with Miss Sicily Lipstick in Maria 600, with a touch of Miss Sicily Lipstick in Gaetana 120 over the center to give more light. And for the nails, the one in Anguria 612. The result, the one you see, impressive.

Undoubtedly a collection from which to stay totally pledged, but be careful because the thing does not end here, because with this limited edition they are also launched two perfumes, one for men and one for women

So, Dolce & Gabbana adds a touch of freshness to its Light Blue and Light Blue Pour Homme cult fragrances with a new summer limited edition Italian Zest. These new fragrances celebrate the joy of a sunny summer day in Capri.

They are very animated by citrus essences premium quality harvested in Italian flowering fields -lion for her, bergamot for him-, the limited edition Italian Zest offers a rich olfactory experience that evokes the unique effervescent perfume of Light Blue and Light Blue pour Homme.

Fragrances in which to get lost completely and for magnificent summer that is available from this month of May.

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