Selena Gomez has a very important message to give us ... and has it printed on her shirt

The trend of T-shirts with messages is still very alive, with very inspiring phrases and words. If we have to keep a specific subject, garments with feminist ideas are our absolute favorites. Dior, H&M, Mango ... not a single firm has been able to resist it. Neither do the celebrities, who wear them whenever they have a chance. This is the case of Selena Gomez and the yellow top with which she has conquered the networks.

Sometimes it is easier to show off your political and social ideas on a shirt instead of having to explain them every two by three. Especially if you are as famous as the singer and want take advantage of your visibility to make a statement of intent. That is exactly what Selena Gomez did on the skating rink, where she took the opportunity to show off design in total yellow with the phrase "Never underestimate the power of a woman" printed on it.

A great truth that has come alive in the shirt of the celebrity and that we should remember more often. That's why we have selected a similar design that we have found in format low cost, so that we can all take them in our outfit and always keep it in mind just by looking in the mirror.

  • T-shirt with feminist message from Etsy, 23.49 euros.

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