A sweet and floral perfume that falls in love: we tried the Prada Candy Sugar Pop perfume

I admit that I am not sweet fragrances ... I have always conquered the floral and dusty. However, for there to be a rule there must be an exception and that is exactly what has happened to me with Prada Candy Sugar Pop, a sweet and amazing eau de parfum who has come to accompany me all spring

This is a fragrance. Floral Fruity Gourmand created by Daniela Andrer (known for being the nose of fragrances of Armani, Bvlgari or Miu Miu). Its top notes are Bergamot, green citrus and red apple, the heart is made up of Peach and Mahony and the bottom is a sweet mixture of earthy vanilla and caramel.

Its packaging is a real beauty, a bottle inspired by the Saffiano bag that retains the elegance of the brand but is actually a whole declaration of intent to the younger public In his cheerful color.

My experience with Prada Candy Sugar Pop

His departure immediately reveals that we are facing a sweet, but different fragrance. It is sparkling thanks to the citrus notes, but in an almost automatic way it is balanced thanks to the woody point that gives the heart notes. Absolute love comes when it settles on the skin and melts the caramel with the vanilla because delicious sweet but serene chords appear.

Although in theory its audience is young, I think it is a perfume that can identify a woman of any age, delicate, very feminine but with personality. I would never have imagined that a fragrance with these base notes could conquer me in this way.

The product was provided for testing by Prada. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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