22 gifts for very geeky parents of theirs that will solve Father's Day

Is Father's Day approaching and you have no idea what to give? You could jump directly to the cliff of the headaches, but it is much easier to focus on your tastes and hobbies and find the ideal solution. Yes, without falling into the classic tie or bottle of wine every year.

Game of Thrones fan ...

Salt and pepper

If you decorate your meals with the same intensity with which you enjoy one of your favorite series, you will surely love this ceramic game of salt and pepper.

Design illustrations

Maybe the time to fill your room with posters is over for a long time, but these vintage-style prints of your favorite series are an option that will look even in the most classic office.

Wine glasses

You can show off all the things you know while imitating some of your favorite characters from Game of Thrones With this elegant glass of wine.

... or Vikings


Let your father take a proud walk with his "See you in Valhalla" shirt and with the attitude of a warrior.


An unusual accessory to emulate Ragnar Lothbrok at parties.

Beer jar

Feeling like a true Viking is much easier when you have a beer mug in your hand like this: //, handcrafted.

Crazy about his beard


Do not miss the sense of humor, especially on a day like this, and if your father aims to emulate Captain Nemo or impersonate Santa, you can support him with this shirt.

Care kit

So that wherever you go, you can take care of your beloved beard, this kit we have seen here includes beard oil, mustache wax, a comb, scissors and instructions.

Or for a perfect shave


Their mornings are easier with a razor that is effective, wireless, rechargeable and allows wet and dry shaving. How is Braun Series 7 7840s.

A luxury shave lotion

Because his skin also deserves pampering. Or at least a good portion of great after-shave cosmetics.

If it's from Star Wars ...

Mouse Pad

Surprise him with an original detail with the iconography of his favorite movie that you can also use daily

Death Star cutting board

It is easier to convince him to make you something delicious for dinner if he has a cutting board as cool as this one that we propose.

Han Holo yoga mat

Who doesn't remember the frozen block of carbonite with Han Solo as if it were a trophy in Jabba The Hutt's lair? We have seen it on posters, collectible figurines and even cell phone cases, but without any doubt, this yoga mat has been cast on our wish list.

Or if it's Star Trek

Door chime

It is never too late to give something fun and invite you to dream about interspatial travel, especially if it is such a special detail and has a beautiful vintage look like this. Also, let us know every time someone crosses the door.

Enterprise desk lamp

A detail that will illuminate any room or office and with a range of up to seven different colors, so that nobody complains at home that it does not match the decoration.

Spock socks

You have to have the heart of stone to not be a fan of the character played by Leonard Nimoy, however contradictory this statement may seem. And these socks are the ideal detail to honor you.

IPhone vs Android

Apple iPhone X

The version of this Smartphone with a 14.7 cm screen: // is a great gift.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One

One of the best phones in the mid-range: 5.5-inch screen, Snapdragon processor at an incredible price and we have seen it in Compradicción.

Sports addict


No matter what your favorite sport, there is nothing like doing it in style with a basic sweatshirt like this.

Garmin Phoenix 5X watch

This is a multisport watch for outdoor athletes. And we are not only talking about the recurring ones such as running, swimming and cycling, other more specific ones such as paddle surfing, rowing, snowboarding, skiing or golfing but also about specific profiles for swim-run (combination of running and swimming) and triathlon. A great treat.

Or addicted to the wheels

A GPS for the motorcycle

Getting around the city on a motorcycle is much easier with a like the TomTom Browser Saw specially created for this means of transport. Transmit real-time information on roads from your smartphone to your browser, via Bluetooth.

Travel guide, plans and restaurants

Give him a handful of plans and good ideas to tour Spain and Portugal. A complete guide of localities with tourist information and parties, as well as gastronomic recommendations.

Photo | Photo by Andrew Santellan on Unsplash

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