Street style

Three totally different ways to combine jeans

If we have some denim pants by hand… we have it all. This type of garment has proven to be one of the most versatile (if not the most) throughout all these years, and even the haute couture pieces marry perfectly with these types of designs. With models for all tastes and bodies, today we show you that we can achieve totally different styles having base the same jeans. In this way, one can vary in style every day without need to change pants.

An oversized blazer to achieve originality

There is no better combination than what is achieved with jeans and blazer. Choose a version oversize to get a more casual result.

Betting on clothes full of trend

As we showed you last week, the tops of puffed sleeves with a lot of volume are one of the star pieces of this new season. That is why combining your favorite denim with this type of garments is a most successful achievement. What are you waiting for?

The simplicity of a white shirt next to a bomber

The bomber jacket has managed to sneak (again) into the closet of many to become an essential staple of the cold days - partly thanks to firms like Vetements that reintroduced it to the scene. With a simple white t-shirt and your favorite jeans, the outfit It can touch perfection.

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