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Street style gives us nine ideas to wear our wedge sandals without ever getting tired

Wedge sandals are still a favorite every summer, however much they say that this type of heel is no longer a trend. He street style does not seem to think the same, because he continues to find the straining formulas in their outfits with garments Item and current. Do you want to know all the ideas to show off wedge sandals? Take note of these nine combinations, because they have much more play than it seems.

Wedge sandals and dresses ladylike: Blair Waldorf of summer

The combination of dresses preppy Feminine and delicate with wedge sandals is ideal for the summer, because it reduces the effect of look and adapts it for the hottest days of the year. Especially with esparto or jute heel sandals that put the natural note, being ideal for guest outfits.

With a maxivestido and wedge sandals you will gain height

Maxivestidos are always the absolute protagonists of any style. Especially since you don't need any other garment and often they don't even see the shoes. But adding some esparto wedges will give you more centimeters in height, peeking out from under the dress and giving it a look more rustic, relaxed and summery.

He look Outdoor guest is served with wedge sandals

There are many ways to relax a guest look for weddings or more relaxed events. But Turn down the volume of party dresses at the touch of accessories Every day is one of the most popular, with raffia bags and wedge sandals. In addition, you will be more comfortable and can stand on your feet dancing all night.

He boho chic look it is completed with wedge sandals

Can you imagine a dress bardot with lace and air hippies lucid with stilettos? It totally loses its effect boho more romantic. But not sticking with lounge shoes does not mean giving up height. Why there is no best friend for a boho-chic look that good wedges SUV, with minidresses, shorts jeans or suede skirts.

Don't wait for summer: wear your wedge sandals with jeans skinny

Sandals are a summer thing. And of the spring, and the time of halftime. Because there is no need to wait until August to take out your wedge sandals. Or save them as soon as a little fresh arrives. You don't even want to do it by watching how good they feel with jeans tight, raising the look. Especially in those minimalists at the blow of denim and basic garments, where the weight of the whole look will go straight to your feet.

A summer mini dress, better with wedge sandals

The favorite mini-dress of our vacation suitcase fits well with any footwear. Heels sandals, sports trend and even pool flip flops. But if what we want is that the look It really smells like summer millennial Better put some wedge sandals. Of the rubber sole chunky and off-road look that create a contrast something punk and groundbreaking

If he culotte It makes you short, put it up

The pants midi with flared design and slightly oversize They are a success since their appearance a couple of seasons ago. They are flattering to the figure, they have an air working girl Wonderful and comfortable. They only have one drawback: they make the little ones gain volume. Fashion girls solution? Put some good wedges that raise height and maintain comfort.

Neither esparto nor jute nor cork: fashion minimalist wedge sandals are like this

Many anti-wedge voices claim not to be attracted to this shoe because of its robust appearance and chunky. But for them we have the most minimalist wedge sandals, which come in pastel colors and destalonado shovel design, looking much thinner and elegant than the wedges of a lifetime. Now they are trending, and they are irresistibly feminine.

Make yourself a street style stunning with wedge sandals statement

Do not be afraid to turn all eyes in your path, because good wedge sandals statement that steal all the prominence to the look will be infallible. Prada already did it with its brand new design full of flames. And Lanvin could not contain himself, creating geometric wedge heels and empty inside to reduce the weight of the footwear. Who could stop looking at them?

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