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How to dress in hot weather: 15 looks that pass the summer test

This sticky heat that haunts us day and night does not leave us thinking clearly. Everything we have in the closet overwhelms us. But it is possible resist high temperatures with style. And these streetstyle looks prove it: that's how fashionistas dress when it's hot hell.

How to dress in hot weather: with a mini skirt

There are a thousand ways to fight the heat: mini garments, fluid and natural fabrics, and light tones that endure cooler in the sun's rays.

And with those tricks in mind we have a thousand possibilities to resist Summer in the big city.

In summer we have the most tanned legs and it is time to show off them. Nothing that covers us more than the account, so the miniskirts They are the perfect choice to wear with a white shirt, for example.

Crop tops to fight heat

Another summer mini garment ideal for creating top styles. A crop top that doesn't have to be so short. To teach two or three centimeters of gut is enough.

They look good either with pants or with skirts.

Lingerie style

If we look for something light, nothing better like those lingerie garments satin and with lace details. A sexy top with jeans and sandals can solve a look for you at night in summer.

And for the day, the slip dress They are that ideal and fresh.

How to dress in hot weather: strapless dresses

Knitted, with floral print, the long straps dresses They are a comfortable and very stylish option.

With skirts in summer

The skirts are also ideal for warmth: pleated, long satin for a fluid look that can be combined with tank tops to go cooler.

The combination midi skirt with tube t-shirt is perfect for a summer work ook.

And of course, the white

The best tone to prevent the sun's rays from giving us too much heat, white, without a doubt. Take advantage because this season the total white look raze

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