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The Novente version of Elite that Netflix has made will give you hours of laughter with your friends (and if you're thirty, I won't even tell you)

I admit: I've seen the second season of Elite In a day and a half. I drank it as I did with the first season, and I recognize loud and clear that it is one of my guilty pleasures.

And now I'm also a fan of the noventera version that Netflix has prepared as part of its campaign from marketing, and that lives up to genius like the one he gave us with the campaign of Stranger Things in which Leticia Sabater was leaving, for example.

This time they wanted to pull the nostalgia of the thirties followers of the series of Elite, and have created a version in which not a single detail is missing. Las Encinas has not changed as much as we could imagine. And I assure you that seeing her with your friends is the best thing you can do because there will be laughter assured.

Tell me that watching the video you have not felt a pinch, with those green tables with chest of drawers and coat racks at the end of the class. With those chats that were the beginning of modern Tinder. The green painted wall, the map of Spain and the periodic table hanging on the wall.

With those styles of the 90s. The taqueta tracksuit jackets, the cowboy jackets, the knotted neck sweater so typical in the most pijitas, and even the looks of the new Carla, with shirts showing the shoulder, or details such as the pink belt or the denim vest. More than one of my friends dressed like this. And me too, why deny it.

That institute that comes out, is also my institute. And the skeleton, which I remember in the class of "Natural" looking at me from behind the teacher's table. And yes, my favorite shot was also the lollipop when we made a bottle. Even the library looks like the one in mine.

And if that has not made you remember, what about the actors who have starred in this sketch? With them thousands of scenes from our series of Spanish teenagers with which we have grown have come to mind. Since Afterclass to Physics or chemistry passing by Nothing is forever, Companions Y A step forward.

Carlos Castel, Carmen Morales, Adrian Rodríguez, Raquel Meroño, Manuel Feijoó, Pablo Puyol and Marc Clotet give life to this new version of Netflix, but they inevitably remind us of the first characters in which we discovered them.

This Lu played by Carmen Morales is as manipulative as Maria was in Afterclass, in the version of Samuel by Pablo Puyol, the character is as tight as Pedro Salvador was at UPA, and Adrián Rodríguez, Ander in this video, looks a lot like David from Physics and chemistry.

This cast so random is actually a nod to those who, like me, have grown up watching all those series that have been part of our adolescence. Because even if you go past 30, the series teen They are also for you. And Netflix knows it.