We review the collected from the Goya Awards 2018

Now it's time to take a good look at the collected that this ceremony of the Goya Award 2018. Although the mane has had its role the collected once again have been the favorite option to wear on the Red carpet. We review the best of the night.

Effortless finish

Marta Etura

Those picked up in disheveled style have won a very important place in the best red carpets in the world and of course in the Goya awards they could not miss either. Those who have succeeded the most have been those collected with loose strands especially at the height of the ears and frizz texture.

Irene School Macarena García Elena Furiase

Classic style

Nieves Álvarez

It's hard to resist a classic pick-up when looking for elegance and simplicity. He bow tie It has been the most desired either with a side or middle stripe, also those collected mostly mostly round and small, or collected classics with middle stripe and smooth lateral fixation. Another option that we have seen this carpet has been the low bun with soft toupee.

Marián Álvarez Marta Nieto Mariam Hernandez Aura Garrido


Elena Ballesteros

And what about the most elaborate and sophisticated collections, those hairstyles that immediately transfer us to the most glamorous carpets and that of course always fills us with joy to see, especially in Spanish cinema. They have not missed side bows, structured of retro airs or carded with collected low or Italian style.

Cayetana Guillen Crow Cuca Escribano Bethlehem Wheel Elena Sanchez


Cristina Castaño

Well, yes, we confess, we love pigtails and in this ceremony they have not been lacking either and of different styles: very minimalist low pigtails, high wet finishes or more sophisticated with waves, volume on the crown and even with many elements such as braids and bangs .

Juana Acosta Leticia Dolera Najwa Nimri

Video: Alessandra Ambrosio attends the Launch Of Patrick Ta's Beauty Collection at Goya Studios in Los Ange (December 2019).