Reds, hearts and many kisses: this is what brings us the collection 'Lip me Lots' of Kiko

Any apology is good to celebrate and this is a good example: I'm talking about Lip Me Lots, a collection created by Kiko to remind us that kisses are one of the best expressions of love and that Valentine's Day It was created precisely to unleash romanticism. Taking into account that it is a limited edition and it has very cool things, I recommend that you sign your favorites as soon as possible.

Lip Me Lots Lipstick

The flagship product of the collection (which by the way, I had already included in my low cost bag for this winter), is this matte lipstick It has a high concentration of pigments and a perfect consistency to achieve an intense and uniform color. In addition the formula has emollients that offer a feeling of absolute comfort, so despite its finish it is a comfortable product to wear.

Obviously your main claim is your original heart shape It fits perfectly with the theme of the collection: an invitation to celebrate Valentine's Day as a symbol of love, joy and carefreeness. It is available in 6 shades at a price of 6.95 euros.

Lip Me Lots Kiko Lip Enhancer

It is an original transparent lipstick with pH reactor To achieve a custom color. Your formula contains pomegranate extract and colorless pigments that act when they come in contact with the pH of the lips, highlighting their natural color and thus creating a personalized color, different according to the person wearing it.

It also has a gel texture leaves a luminous finish on the lips, guaranteeing a perfect fluidity and an easy and very homogeneous application. Your price of 7.95 euros.

Lip Me Lots Kiko Blush

This beautiful cooked blush has a scent of vanilla that will surely make us fall in love with many. It promises to revive the cheeks and cheekbones thanks to its intense tone and creamy texture, which is enriched with jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid salt, offers a pleasant "" pampering "" for a second skin effect and a feeling of absolute comfort

Its beautiful case has an interior mirror and the powders are presented in an original heart shape. It is available in a single color reference at a price of 11.95 euros.

Lip Me Lots Kiko Face Highlighter

This cooked illuminator is the perfect complement to the blusher, as it offers a luminous golden finish which combines perfectly to achieve radiant cheeks. Both its packaging and its price are identical (11.95 euros).

Lip Me Lots Kiko Eyeliner

This pencil eyeliner brings a very original and appropriate plus for the date: a temporary tattoo heart shaped.

The eyeliner is formulated to offer a very intense color and a black film with pure pigments that dry quickly and that promise a lot of duration and flexibility. In theory, the tip of the applicator is designed to make a very precise stroke (I will tell you if I try it). Its price is of 7.95 euros.

Lip Me Lots Kiko Kabuki

This kabuki heart-shaped brush is designed for application of facial powders thanks to synthetic fiber bristles. The special shape of the kabuki allows to extract the necessary amount of texture and apply it evenly, preventing the product from being wasted. Therefore, the application is very comfortable and perfect. Its price is of 12.95 euros.

Lip Me Lots Kiko Pochette

This beautiful bag is made with a 3D fabric with kiss motif, a whim that fits perfectly with the Lip Me Lots collection. Taking into account its price (12.95 euros), and that it is a limited edition for Valentine's Day, it will surely fly from the stores.

Do you like this collection? What product (s) would you stay with?

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