Fur coats to wear in winter: with these 19 models you will be the queen of street-style and you will not be cold

He fur coat, also known as trend faux fur coat or fluffy coat, It has become a totally timeless garment in winter, easy to combine and able to show Estilazo during the coldest months of the year. A very warm piece perfect to wear 24 hours a day. The variety is immense but with these 17 models will make the difference.

Long hair coats

For lovers of the latest trends, long-haired coats or boleros will be in charge of giving your outfits a very touch fashion and perfect to get a look yeti

  • Cyrana Furs coat 680 euros
  • Mango Coat 69.99 euros
  • Multicolored coat by H.Preppy 880 euros
  • Cyrana Furs jacket 500 euros
  • Garnet Trucco Coat 795 euros

Combined hair designs

The coats that combine different types of fabrics and colors Stand out above all. Loaded with originality and style, models in the same color but with different hair lengths or mixed with other fabrics, will undoubtedly be the most striking bets of the street-style of winter As soft as warm they are perfect to wear with any style.

  • Blue coat by Liu Jo 367 euros
  • Guts & Love red zigzag print jacket 959.25 euros
  • White and Gray Pinko Coat 500 euros
  • Sisley colored bolero 167 euros
  • Trucco black coat 231.20 euros

'Sport' style

The hair wears also more jackets sport from type bomber even with zipper. Your most informal looks will be the envy of all.

  • Bomber jacket from La Redoute. Its price is of 47.49 euros.
  • Blue klein jacket by Ángel Benito 3,100 euros
  • Blue or red jackets by Ángel Benito 2,800 euros

Curly hair coats

  • Liu Jo white and camel curly hair coat 252 euros
  • Zara black, white and gray tricolor coat 49.95 euros

Street-style with style

  • La Redoute color coat 99.99 euros
  • Lefties mustard coat 28 euros
  • Pink Mango Bolero 69.99 euros

Jewel coat

Amancio Ortega creates many needs for us and this pink hair jewel coat with rhinestones details is one of them. An ideal Zara model to combine with looks Day and night. Its price is of 79.95 euros.

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