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Edging: when stopping becomes a technique to achieve the greatest excitement and the best orgasm

Is called edging, but we could also call it "stay with the desire for a little while and then hallucinate". This technique, which more than pleasure may seem like torture, is a great way to expand our enjoyment, either alone or with others. The secret? Stop when you are about to have an orgasm. How do you hear it?

What is he edging

This technique, or practice, consists of slow down, or stop if necessary, our sexual activity at the moment we detect that an orgasm is approaching.

Its objective is that, in doing so, we prolong and enhance our level of excitement, which will eventually cause our orgasm, when we finally let it make an appearance, be very intense.

The pleasure of "not ending"

A prioriAs I said, the idea of ​​not being able to abandon yourself to pleasure and having your orgasm when it knocks on your door may seem, rather than a technique for enjoyment, a form of torture. However this of edging It can effectively increase your pleasure.

The desire feeds not only of what we do, but also of what we could not do, of the desire we have stayed with. Do not you remember the levels of desire with which you went home as a teenager when you said goodbye to your partner after an afternoon of intense kisses ... with nothing else?

The prevailing sexual model leads us to believe that everything that begins has to end, and that belief is doing more harm than good to our pleasure.

Do not, not everything that starts has to end. No, nothing bad happens to us by wanting ... rather the opposite: that will make us want more ... and more. And this point is precisely one of the pillars of edging.

Playful utility ... and clinical

This technique is based (or perhaps vice versa, I would not know which of the two came before) in a protocol that is used in consultation with the boys for cases of premature ejaculation. In that clinical context it is called Stop and start technique (Start-stop).

The mechanism is similar, only this time you start practicing during masturbation. The goal in the case of boys is to obtain longer erections and achieve a level of excitation that allows to control ejaculation in a certain way.

Obvious benefits

Think about that moment when you are about to reach orgasm, when you perceive it on the horizon. Think about that occasion when you thought you were going to explode with pleasure ... It's fine there, right?

We tend to think of orgasm as the ultimate end of sex, as total and definitive pleasure ... and we often forget that being excited, very excited, is also enjoyment - and a very good one.

In case I haven't convinced you yet, I invite you to imagine, or remember, that moment when your partner nibbles at your inner thighs. Most likely your level of excitement at that time is higher than when de facto you practice oral sex, or at least the same "rich."

It is anticipation that makes your desire and pleasure increase.

Our brain is the most powerful sexual organ, so playing with it is ensuring pleasure. This technique, the edging, is a way to teach certain trailers to our brain, says "look, this is what comes next", and our desire to see the entire chapter increase exponentially.

By staying at a high peak of excitement it is more intense ... and the more excited we are, the easier the orgasm will come and the more powerful it will be.

Having been to the doors several times, but not having abandoned ourselves to orgasm, we are very, very eager to have one, so that we will taste it as if it were an ice cream from Rocambolesc. And that is pleasure, with all the letters.

Collateral benefits

In addition to favoring strong orgasms and keeping us in a state of absolutely pleasant excitement, this practice has other positive aspects:

  • It promotes better communication -sexual- in the couple.
  • It is a way to explore and get to know each other's body better, its most erogenous zones, from the smallest to the infallible triggers that make you shiver with pleasure.

To develop it is essential that you communicate, either verbally or nonverbally. It's necessary that the other knows what we need to increase the excitement and when to stop A bit of the rhythm because we are in the zone of "danger, imminent orgasm".

It also favors that let's unfold the playful side a little: everything that is to break with the routine, with that “jack, horse, king” in which we often fall as a couple, is undoubtedly enriching for our sex life.

And finally, the one who is without a doubt the best / biggest benefit (even better than having an orgasm of 9.9 on the Richter scale), as an aspect that clearly improves our sex life: it helps us enjoy sex per se, not only as a way to achieve an orgasm.

This practice, the edging, despite being sold as a way to achieve more intense orgasms, in reality what it does is that we change the focus of attention, focusing on pleasure and excitement ... and not having orgasms.

Paradoxically, when trying to avoid them, what can happen is that they come, and stronger, but along the way we will be focused on enjoying, not on what is to come. And that is wonderful.

Because sex is more than orgasm, sex is more than intercourse: Sex is pleasure, and the more, the better.

How to implement the edging

You can practice as a couple or alone: being a technique focused on delaying orgasm we can practice it perfectly both in a sexual encounter and during masturbation.

When you notice that you are close to orgasm (which requires you to know your body and processes well, its signals, as I said before), take a breath and slow down a bit of what you are doing, slowly, not abruptly.

If we stop abruptly, we will not only move away from orgasm, we will also lower our level of excitement to the underworld.

It is important that detect the signals so that "it is not too late" and you have already embarked on the path of no return to orgasm.

Once you have noticed that this "orgasmistic urgency" has passed, go increasing the pace or what you were doing and that such a good result was giving you. Turn up again, give the volume to your pleasure ... and enjoy.

This can be repeated a couple of times (more maybe it is already too much and then it does go into torturite terrain). When you consider it appropriate, after one or two phases of "stop", if you notice again that orgasm is around the corner do not stop, do not resist and abandon yourself to pleasure.

If you are going to do it with your partner, it establishes how you are going to communicate during the session: it is important that the other clearly understands that the rhythm or intensity must be lowered, or just the opposite, that it is time to give everything.

Be that as it may, everything that is to explore and enjoy your body and your sex should be welcome. Further, this technique has an advantage that other: If it goes well you will have a great time and you will have a super-orgasm, and if it does not work out well -if you can not contain yourself and stop-, you will have an orgasm. This is indeed win-win!

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