So you can use the elastic bands to exercise like in the gym (without having to leave home)

Taking care of our health, our body and our well-being goes through many things, including following healthy eating and exercise regularly.

However, due to the lack of time that usually invades our lives, we may lack hours to go to the gym or collective classes. Not to mention the fact of paying a monthly subscription and only being able to go a couple of the day a month.

Luckily, there are solutions of all kinds and if it comes to sports and have a more active life, we have a lot to choose from. Among them, the realization of physical exercise with elastic bands has been adding many followers and it does not surprise us because It is versatile, it is easy to store, the exercises can be done at home And they are priced more than affordable.

What to look for in an elastic band

One of the first things we should keep in mind before getting an elastic band is that there is a lot of types and the one we choose will depend on the exercises we want to do, in addition to the price margin we want to pay.

On the one hand, we find the known mini bands, which are a closed and small elastic rubber band. The most common is to use them for buttock training exercises. We can also find the most classic and typical rubber elastic bands. They are normally open and somewhat longer and wider than mini-bands.

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If we look for something less usual, we can get some elastic cloth bands which, although they are a bit more expensive, are softer and more durable. We can also get some of those with handles, to make it easier to grab.

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The best exercises for elastic bands

Now we just have to know what exercises we can do with the elastic bands. And, the truth, although at first it seems impossible, the reality is that elastic bands give us a lot of play and allow us to exercise all our muscle groups.

  • Push-ups with the rubber: Doing push-ups can be boring, but if we add the extra rubber, the thing already changes a bit. The idea is to pass the band behind the back and take the ends with each hand. For beginners it can complicate things a bit, so we can do push-ups with the knees supported.
  • Shoulder Exercise: if we are not used to exercise we do not know, but the shoulders are one of the weakest parts of our body and, however, they hold a lot of weight. That is why training them is especially important. The bands can help us train with one of these seven exercises proposed by our Vitónica teammates.
  • Buttock Circuit: The buttocks are one of the muscle groups most benefited by the use of elastic bands and, in addition, there are numerous exercises that we can perform with them to work them. With this circuit that we recommend from Vitónica, we will get some buttocks of steel.
  • The classic reinvented oar: If we have ever been to the gym, we will know that rowing is one of the most common exercises for working arms, core and back. With elastic bands we can emulate this same exercise, but from the comfort of our home.

Video: Senior Fitness Exercise - Resistance Band Workout with Stef (January 2020).