If you are a lover of the point, the new seamless collection of Uniqlo will drive you crazy

Uniqlo shows us its new collection Uniqlo U, which develops the team of the R&D Center of the headquarters in Paris, led by Christophe Lemaire. The new proposals are based on very simple garments, since their idea is to boost the Lifewear through design, patterns, fabric development and innovation in seams with the aim of reinventing the basics.

This is the third collection Uniqlo U, formed by 46 women's and 27 men's garments along with a small line of accessories, available today in selected Uniqlo stores and in your store on-line.

The new collection includes pieces created with the 3D U-Knit, a three-dimensional tissue technique that employs the technology wholegarment to improve fit and increase comfort. It is a technology that only luxury brands used and now the Japanese brand applies it in three dresses, a women's sweater and a skirt. Ideal red dress Do not you think?

These garments are made in special machines to produce knitwear in three dimensions in one piece and Withouth stitches.

Coats for when the cold comes

So that the cold does not catch us by surprise, this season they stand out raincoats, trench and coats With resistance to wind, rain and breathability. Also new are the seamless feather jackets, that incorporate a technology developed in collaboration with Toray, One of their suppliers, and best of all, they weigh nothing. The feminine designs can also be used as a vest, since the sleeves have a zipper.

  • Outerwear: from 69.90 to 129.90 euros
  • Pants: from 29.90 to 69.90 euros
  • Shirts and blouses: from 29.90 to 69.90 euros
  • Point: from 29.90 to 69.90 euros
  • Accessories: from 14.90 to 59.90 euros
  • Dresses: from 49.90 to 59.90 euros

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