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15 books for the literary "rentrée" 2019 (and that we are not as sorry for September)

During the months of July and August the editorial news ceases. That causes in September some of the most anticipated literary novelties of the year arrive at the bookstores.

This year, in addition, the activity returns strong with highly anticipated novels Margaret Atwood, Mario Vargas Llosa, Stephen King and the closing of the saga Millenium, among other.

Here’s a selection of fifteen books that will be on everyone's lips from September and they will make the routine a little more bearable.

WillsMargaret Atwood

In this sequel to The maid's taleMargaret Atwood answer the questions that have corroded readers for decades. When Spoiler of the end of the first book! The doors of the van slammed behind Offred, the readers had no way of knowing what their future was going to be: freedom, prison or death? With the publication of Wills, the wait is over.

Margaret Atwood recover history fifteen years later that Offred delved into the unknown, with the testimonies of three storytellers from the world of Gilead.

  • Date: September 12.

The girl who lived twice (Milenium 6), David Lagergrantz

Every great story deserves a great ending and This novel is the closing of a series that has sold more than 100 million of specimens worldwide. Lisbeth Salander is ready for the final battle against the only person who, being identical to her, is her opposite in everything: her sister Camilla. But this time, Lisbeth will take the initiative.

Mikael Blomkvist, meanwhile, is investigating the death of a beggar who is only known to have died by pronouncing the name of the Swedish government's Minister of Defense and that he kept the journalist's phone number in his pocket.

  • Date: August 27th.

Hard times, Mario Vargas Llosa

The new Nobel Prize for literature novel is a story of political conspiracies and interests found during the Cold War. A lie that really happened and changed the future of Latin America.

The novel puts us in Guatemala in the year 1954. The military coup perpetrated by Carlos Castillo Armas and sponsored by the United States through the CIA overthrows the government of Jacobo Árbenz. Behind this violent act is a lie that really happened: the accusation by the Eisenhower government that Árbenz encouraged the entry of Soviet communism into the continent.

  • Date: October

A decent manJohn Le Carré

London 2018 The spies return and John le Carré returns. A novel of incessant tension by the greatest chronicler of our time.

Nat, a 47-year veteran of the British secret services who believes that his career at the agency has concluded is back in London with his wife, the resigned Prue. But with the growing threat of Moscow, the Office has another mission for him: take over a London substation with a disorganized group of agents.

  • Date: October 22.

We can save the world before dinnerJonathan Safran Foer

He climate change It's a real problem and Jonathan Safran Foer believes we can do something to solve it: change what we eat every day. Most of the books that address the environmental crisis are dense, academic and full of impersonal statistics. This, however, is accessible, immediate and offers a clear solution that readers can put into practice immediately: reduce meat consumption.

Mixing essay, journalistic report and his own biography, history and current affairs, Jonathan Safran Foer is fully involved in one of the main dilemmas of our time in an urgent, creative and surprising way.

  • Date: October 1.

His last wishJoan Didion

A dark and enigmatic thriller about the plots and conspiracies of the Cold War by Joan Didion, one of the best narrators of American lyrics. Set in the 80s and written as if it were an investigation into what happened during those years of political shadows, plots and assassination attempts, we are presented with the figure of Elena McMahon, who quits her job as a reporter in The Washington Post and his luxurious life in California to go into another: his father's.

An existence full of dark deals that, without hardly realizing it, will eventually replace him as a arms dealer for the United States somewhere in Central America. Elena will face the consequences of her father's mistakes until get involved in a government conspiracy that will put your life and its principles in check.

  • Date: September 19th.

Places without map, Alaistair Bonnett

After Off the map, the geographical Alastair Bonnet returns with a second installment of places, places and places where not even Google Maps has been able to reach. His essays, among the topography, politics and social issues of more validity, are a tribute to the mystery and the unknown in an increasingly connected and fragmented world at the same time where, despite everything, the mystery and the unknown.

Garbage cities in Cairo and environmental communities in Scotland. Changing borders of the Islamic State caliphate and cyberutopies, like Second Life, that defy borders. Utopia as Christiania, more and more corseted. Globetrotters nomads today hypertechnological, very connected and with the conviction that the entire planet is theirs. New islands that emerge from the thaw and islets without owners on lost roads ...

  • Date: September 18.

I'm sorry for what just happenedRichard Ford

Richard Ford, the master of the story, returns with a dazzling book published in world premiere. Each of his stories is a prodigious exercise of condensation, narrative subtlety and ability to capture a wide range of human feelings.

In it, chance meets in a bar in New Orleans to a man and a woman who had a past together and decide to take a long night walk by the city; a boy marked by the death of his father begins in the rites of adult life during the screening of a film by Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg; a fifty-year-old gay waits in the lobby of a hotel for his elderly father and is involved in an absurd situation with a child who lends himself to petty misunderstandings ...

  • Date: October 2.

The girlEdna O'Brien

The author of Country girls returns with his most ambitious, committed and shocking novel, in which O'Brien will take us breathless for every page craving, suffering and moving with his heroine.

"Long ago I was a girl, but not anymore." Thus begins the new novel by Edna O'Brien who, with more than eighty years, has found the strength and courage to travel to Nigeria and interview several of the girls who were victims of Boko Haram. His shocking testimony has inspired this heartbreaking and bright novel: the story of Maryam, who is kidnapped along with her classmates, imprisoned, raped and forced to marry a stranger.

  • Date: September.

The Institute, Stephen King

The Institute it is the new and disturbing novel by master Stephen King. Debtor of Fire Eyes and with a cast of youth characters (as in Item and in Stand by me) with which we can empathize, immediately reminds us of the best King.

In the middle of the night in a quiet neighborhood of Minneapolis they kidnap Luke Ellis, twelve, after he killed his parents. The child wakes up in the sinister institution known as the Institute, in a room that resembles his own but without windows. In similar rooms there are more children, who share special abilities such as telekinesis or telepathy.

  • Date: September 12.

Loyalties, Delphine de Vigan

The acclaimed French writer returns with a heartbreaking novel about a twelve-year-old boy who escapes drinking and some adults trying to make sense of their lives.

Théo is the son of separated parents. The parent, mired in a depression, barely leaves his chaotic apartment, and the mother lives consumed by a seamless hatred towards her ex, who abandoned her for another woman. All the characters in this novel are hurt beings. Marked by intimate demons. Beings that walk towards self-destruction, and those who may save the loyalties that connect them.

  • Date: October 2, 2019.

The Ochakov GardenerAndrei Kurkov

A gardener disguises himself as a soldier at a party and, after a time travel, appears in the communist era ... A fun and lucid satire on the former Soviet regime, in the manner of Mark Twain.

From the bestselling author Death with penguin, Ígor arrives, who travels until 1957 and discovers that that past is nothing like the nostalgic past that sometimes evoked his mother... Although it is true that Igor will solve mysteries, he will get into trouble and fall in love with an enigmatic woman.

  • Date: September 18.

After many winters, Marian Izaguirre

After many winters is the author's new novel by Life when it was ours, winner of five literary awards. It is covered by three decades of the history of Spain and a permanent suspense that also explores the underground currents of love, the art of sewing in the cinema costumes and female emancipation.

It all starts when a mysterious murder shakes Madrid in the mid-sixties: A woman appears dead in a luxurious home in the Salamanca district. The origins of the crime go back to a previous meeting, when in 1959, on a beach near Bilbao, the young Henar Aranguren, who dresses from Balenciaga and prepares his start, falls madly in love with Martín, the only child of a family of working class and aspiring writer, who every afternoon approaches the pier to fish.

  • Date: October 3.

Six ways to die in Texas, Marina Perezagua

Marina Perezagua is one of the great bets of Hispanic letters. It is incorporated into the Anagrama catalog with a novel about several people whose fate is bound by a heart. It is not a symbolic heart, but an organ that throbs and gives life ... and also death.

A novel about two families and two continents in which a man is executed in a Chinese prison and his organs are trafficked. His heart ends up lodged in the chest of an American, and that transplant will mark the future of the next generations. According to Buddhist tradition, if the heart is not buried with the dead, it will never be able to rest in peace, and therefore the heirs of the deceased must bring the organ back to China.

  • Date: September 18.

The book of happy momentsElsa Punset

Elsa Punset's new essay is a mixture of inspiration and knowledge that brings us closer to happiness by giving the reader tools to reach it through the wisdom that humanity has accumulated throughout the centuries and across the world. An open and vital book that invites us to make a fascinating journey and gives us a thousand and one possibilities for that everyone finds their own way of feeling good.

  • Date: September 17.

The wills (Narrative)

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The girl who lived twice (Millennium 6 Series): 3 (Áncora & Delfín)

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The Institute (SUCCESSES)

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Off the map: An extraordinary trip to unexplored places

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Hard times

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Six ways to die in Texas: 633 (Hispanic narratives)

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