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17 books for women who don't know what to do with their lives

For many people, the year does not start on January 1 but in September. The month of the end of summer and vacations puts us many times at a crossroads that takes us to reflect and rethink if our lives are those we want to lead.

However, this process does not have to be neither sad nor dramatic as it seems. Literature has given a good account of this with heroines like Bridget Jones. Female characters who do not fit in what society expects of them or who, fitting in, decide to reject that role in search of self-realization.

Although, of course, knowing what you don't want is, on many occasions, easier than being clear about what you want or how to get it. A conflict that, depending on the perspective from which it is approached, can lead to very funny situations and hilarious images, despite the dramatic.

The following selection of books are starring women as bright as lost They manage to get out of such a labyrinth making us laugh and giving us some ideas to apply to our lives.

Sheila Levine is dead and lives in New York, Gail Parent

Considered, when it was published in 1971, as the female alternative to the Alexander Portnoy of Philip Roth and a Woody Allen's first comedies, this novel inevitably reminds of a Girls from Lena Dunham primal.

Sheila is a cute girl and lives in Manhattan with her best friend, who is taller and thinner than her. He doesn't think too much about the future and his life goes on like any other girl's. However, your nonchalance ends the day you turns thirty and realizes he has no partner.

Sheila will try to solve it for adapt to society's expectations, but it will not be an easy task. Disappointments become despair and, in a moment of lucidity, Sheila makes a drastic decision: to commit suicide. But before doing so, he gives himself to live, for the first time, life under his own rules and tells it in a long and hilarious note.

My year of rest and relaxationOttessa Moshfegh

Year 2000. Manhattan as the epicenter of civilization dominated by apathy. Like a dark sleeping beauty, the narrator of this novel decides lock yourself in one of the most exclusive areas of the city for one year, backed by a large heritage and a large number of drugs, to devote to sleep and watch films by Whoopi Goldberg and Harrison Ford.

The beginning of a supposedly fast-paced century finds her sleeping on the couch with the TV on. With a lot of cynicism, series, commercial and narcotic movies, and at the cost of cutting every human bond, anyone can cope with life. Now, the author throws us a question: is it to cope with what we want?

The diaryof Bridget JonesHelen Fielding

After its publication, and later with the film adaptation starring Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, the novel was a worldwide success, with more than fifteen million copies sold. Bridget Jones is the iconic character that gave rise to an entire genre: a thirty-year-old, single and unhealthy habits who starts writing a personal diary.

On the first page, it details a list of good purposes for, according to her, to become an adult and responsible woman prepared to find her prince charming. But, as much as Bridget insists, in the day-to-day adventures and in her personal relationships will remain the same girl, sensitive and innocent, inopportune and duckling Although, above all, endearing and very, very funny.

Women buying flowers, Vanessa Montfort

In a small and central neighborhood of the city five women who buy flowers are known. At first, none does it for herself. There are those who buy them for their secret love, another for their clients ... This novel is the story of all through one of them.

After the loss of her partner, Marina realizes that she is totally lost. Looking to start from scratch accepts a job at a florist. There he meets other women who, like her, are at a vital crossroads. From the relationship between them and Olivia, the owner of the premises, a close friendship will emerge on which the new direction that their lives will take depends.

Hunting and fishing manual for girlsMelissa Bank

Since the age of eleven, when she discovered that the boy she liked could not even see her, Jane Rosenal has sailed fearlessly through the turbulent waters of sex, love and relationships. On that occasion, when she asked her mother what she could do to be loved, she replied: "Be yourself." And Jane, with his irreverent sense of humor and his uncomfortable openness, she has always been herself with all the men who have gone through her life.

However, when he meets Robert at his best friend's wedding, a comic book artist capable of making his body vibrate and make her laugh at the same time, he begins to wonder if, so that this relationship does not end in a disaster, he should not learn to be less herself and more that other that advocate hunting and fishing manuals for girls.

Sex in New YorkCandace Bushnell

The successful television series has its origin in this Candace Bushnell novel that takes us into the daily and sexual habits of hard and fun friends at the same time, exposing their hatreds, envies and feelings.

A unique opportunity, if you have not read the book, to meet again Carrie, young writer looking for love where she shouldn't or with Samantha Jones, the forty-year-old connoisseur of the ephemeral nature of beauty and youth ...

Diary of a deranged housewifeSue Kaufman

First published in 1967, it is considered one of the most representative novels of the new female consciousness that emerged in the middle of the last century in the United States. A fun and intelligent story about the feeling of anguish that we all face at some time in our lives.

Tina Balser is a sophisticated housewife who lives in Manhattan and seems to have everything she could want: money, two daughters and a husband who is a successful lawyer. When her fears and neuroses begin to torment her, Tina opens a newspaper in which, with her sharp and hilarious notes about herself and her surroundings, she tries shed some light on your boring life and find the causes of your dissatisfaction.

Friday clubKate Jacobs

The novel tells the story of Georgia Walker, a happy woman even though things have not always been easy for her. Among other avatars, twelve years ago, when she was pregnant, her boyfriend James left her to move to France.

Now, thanks to the advice of a friend, Georgia has managed to own a beautiful wool shop in New York, where a curious club has been created: every Friday, a diverse group of women meets in the store that, through From their common passion for the point, they have developed a strong friendship. While they give themselves to this activity, they give free rein to their desires, their passions and their anxieties.

How a girl is made, Caitlin Moran

The author makes it very clear from the beginning that this is a novel and not an autobiography although her character shares many vital experiences with her. Caitlin Moran continued his breaker inquiry into the recesses of femininity With this narration written with stark realism and humor.

Johanna Morrigan decides to become Dolly Wilde without having reached the age of majority and begins to devote herself to music criticism in a London magazine. Between concert and concert, the protagonist and narrator of this initiation novel recounts, without hair on the tongue, his efforts to become an adult based on smoking, drinking and stop masturbating with various gadgets to go to sex with men no less variopintos.

I'm not that kind of girlLena Dunham

Lena Dunham brings together in this volume a hilarious, wise and honest collection of personal reflections in which he talks about those experiences that make us what we are: fall in love, feel alone, weigh five kilos more, talk in a room full of men who double your age, keep good friends, get rid of harmful boyfriends, find true love and, above all, have the courage to believe that your story deserves to be told.

The creator of Girls He has no idea about his first time and how his sexual expectations did not fit the act itself. Also explore his tendency to be attracted to men who don't suit him, he gives us a deep reflection on his obsession with death and even imagines the book he will write when he is eighty years old and he no longer cares to talk about sexism and condescension that prevail in Hollywood.

Lemon bread with poppy seedsCristina Campos

This novel is a story about female friendship, kept secrets and forgotten bread recipes. Although, above all, it is the story of women who learn to decide freely about their future.

During the winter, in a small town in the interior of Mallorca, Anna and Marina, two sisters who were separated in their youth, they are reunited to sell a bakery that they have inherited from a mysterious woman whom they think they don't know. They are two women with very different lives. Anna has barely left the island and is still married to a man she no longer loves. Marina travels the world working as an NGO donor.

While trying unravel the secret that holds your inheritance, will have to face the old family conflicts, while trying to recover the lost years.

The first wives clubOlivia Goldsmith

The first wives club it is the homonymous book on which it is based the nineties movie from Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn.

It tells the story of three women from New York, already mature, who were former classmates and who are now reunited at the funeral of a mutual friend. At three o'clock their husbands have abandoned them for younger girlfriends and are divorced. That is when they decide to form a club with the aim of taking revenge on their former husbands and giving them where it hurts most. That is, in the pocket.

Your second life begins when you discover that you only have one, Raphäelle Giordano

Camille approaches the quarantine when, suddenly, she is involved in a sea of ​​doubts. It's not that she is unhappy, but she doesn't feel fulfilled either. He has the impression that happiness slips through his fingers. He has got a job that allows him financial stability, but he doesn't really love him. At home, the routine has been set up in their marriage and the relationship with their son is tense.

After one of those especially catastrophic days, Camille meets by chance with Claude, who qualifies as a professional "routinologist" and proposes an original therapy to help her. She does not doubt it and gives herself body and soul. Through amazing experiences, as creative as they are revealing, will transform your life step by step.

Personal speedRebecca Miller

Seven memorable portraits of modern women, of different ages and social classes, with an invincible will to survive. In these stories by Rebecca Miller, she highlights the elegance of her prose, the authenticity of her protagonists and her remarkable wisdom about the world of women.

Greta, a cookbook editor, is chosen by the most promising writer of her generation as editor of her new novel. Nancy, a disturbed nine-year-old girl from high society in New York, likes to see how long she can be in a room with her father without him noticing. There is also Delia, a battered woman who runs away with her children, or Louisa, a painter who goes from lover to lover.

The Devil Wears PradaLauren Weisberger

The insistent voice of Miranda Priestly calling her pursues Andrea even in dreams. So much that he wonders: Is this the job I dreamed of when I left university? Is this the job for which I have to be grateful and feel so lucky?

Andrea is the new personal assistant of Miranda, the legendary editor of the most glamorous women's magazine in New York. She dictates fashion around the world. Millions of readers faithfully follow their recommendations. Its employees and collaborators consider her a genius and the great creators fear her. Everyone, without exception, reveres her. Everyone except Andrea, who Do not be fooled by this showcase of design and frivolity.

The woman who lived a year in bedSue Townsend

The day her children, gifted twins, leave for college, Eva crosses the door of her house and goes to bed in the middle of the day. She is not ill. She is not tired. And, of course, he has not an adventure. Simply, the time has come to say enough.

A perfect novel for the times we live in: it makes us laugh at the same time as it makes us think, of the pen that is considered one of the best current writers in Britain. A delusional and profound account of what happens when someone stops being what others want it to be.

This will also happen, Milena Busquets

With this book, Milena Busquets reflected in the form of a novel the pain of his mother's death. From this event and through relationships with her lovers, she talks about universal issues such as pain and love, fear and desire, sadness and laughter, desolation and the beauty of the landscape of the Catalan coast .

The novel starts with the death of Blanca's mother, who gave her the best advice of her life: "pain and grief pass, as euphoria and happiness pass". Therefore, in addition to the tear of absence, in this story the memory of what has been lived, what has been learned and the reaffirmation of life through pleasures are also very important.

Sheila Levine is dead and lives in New York (Asteroid Books No. 155)

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My year of rest and relaxation (LITERATURES)

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Women who buy flowers

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Friday club (Great Novels)

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Bridget Jones's Diary (BEST SELLER)

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Diary of a Desquic Housewife (Asteroid Books)

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How A Girl Is Made (Narrative Panorama)

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I'm not that kind of girl

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Sex in New York (BEST SELLER)

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Lemon bread with poppy seeds (Summer 2019)

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The first wives club

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The devil wears Prada (Booket Logista)

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This will also happen (Hispanic narratives)

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Personal speed (Narrative Panorama)

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