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The best books for summer 2019 according to those who read the most

With August just released, we can say that summer is moving unstoppably towards its final stretch. However, do not panic because we still have the most intense of the season with the quintessential holiday month.

So, to know what are those books that we should not miss the opportunity to read by the sea this year, we wanted to ask the experts.

That is, to those people who they dedicate their lives to changing ours by discovering new readings or that they work within the industry so that the best stories come to us.

Bookstagrammers, cultural journalists, writers, translators and editors leave us this list of Ten books to read this August.

Bermejo Bethlehem: Wait time (chronicles of the Cazalet)Jane Elizabeth Howard

Belén Bermejo is an important and renowned publisher of narrative and poetry. Currently, he develops his work in the Espasa publishing house although he has also recently moved to the side of the writers with a book of photography and poetic reflections on Madrid called Madrid microgeographs. He tells us that, For her, a good book for summer is always a classic. "If possible, a novel." Has spent summers accompanied by Dickens, Henry James, Trollope, A. S. Byatt, Barnes ... However, this summer has opted for Jane Elizabeth Howard

I recommend exactly what I am reading right now. Howard wrote a saga of a wealthy English family, the Cazalets, in five volumes, narrating his life from 1937 to the 1950s. They are published primarily by Siruela and excellently translated by Cecilia Montolío. The titles are: 'The light years ',' Confusion ',' Waiting time' Y 'A new time. ' This spring came the fourth volume. The saga is a literary jewel, a wonder.

Roy Galán: An apartment in Uranus, Paul B. Precious

Roy Galán is a viral phenomenon of the letters. His poems and reflections accumulate thousands of likes and are shared at the speed of gunpowder shortly after he publishes them on his social networks. In addition, he is the author of four books. The last one is Make it not look like love, a selection of his texts, both iconic and unpublished, that share the idea that the world can (and should) be changed with words. For this summer recommend one of the hits of Anagram of the season: An apartment in Uranus by Paul B. Precious.

Because reading Paul is taking a trip to the confines, to the abyss, to the darkness of oneself and that always makes us freer, wiser and better. And because the prologue written by Virginie Despentes is a root to this planet, one of the most beautiful statements of love, resistance and care for the other I have ever read.

Lorena G. Maldonado: Change of idea, Aixa de la Cruz

Lorena G. Maldonado is a cultural journalist of the new generation although she writes with the intensity and passion of another era. Your reviews, interviews and articles on The Spanish They never leave anyone indifferent and usually go viral. For this summer he recommends a reading that has become the revulsion of the feminist conversation this year.

'Change your mind' is sparkling, it's smart, it's bleeding, it's daring, it's intimate, it's dark, it's punk, it's chaotic; It seems light, and that's fine, because it's summer, but little by little you bite the weight of a very complex female who scrutinizes herself, who fights with herself and who forgives little. Raw confessions as hosts in the era of well-being; a broken mirror to see acne and wounds up close. Also to remind us of vital hunger and savagery. When I read it, I just wanted to fuck with women.

Maria Cardona: His body and other partiesCarmen María Machado

María Cardona is one of those names that resonate in the literary world of Barcelona. Currently, he works as a literary agent in Pontas, one of the most important agencies on the national scene. He tells us that this year he has been able to read little for pleasure but that, among everything read, I would definitely recommend Carmen María Machado's tales of His body and other fiestace.

Although it is an irregular tad collection, it is an author who risks and takes the genre of the story to the limit. Months after reading them, there are still some scenes that go through my memory. And for me, that is the signal that a book, an author, has marked me in some way.

Carme Riera: Things I don't want to know/The cost of livingDeborah Levy

Carme Riera is an associate editor of Random House, considered one of the best publishers in the world. She is one of those people in the publishing industry who, despite not appearing in the credits of a book, make it possible for them to reach our hands in their best version. For the summer he recommends one of the most groundbreaking proposals of the season: the memories, almost live, of Deborah Levy.

Typically, memories are written when one is near the last stop, with the distance and wisdom that the years give. But Levy breaks the rules and starts writing after forty this "autobiography under construction." It is his present, a live life narrated with the calm and poise of someone who has learned everything he knows (and everything he would not want to know) by living. The result is these first two books full of powerful reflections and images.

María Caravantes (missloflipo): Sexual totality of the cosmosJuan Bonilla

The recommendations that María Caravantes makes in her Instagram account are always a safe bet. And when he is not talking about a good book, he delights us with exquisite photos of his cat or landscapes that could well be the scene of a good story. Also makes guide for the news of the publishing world in Goodreads, the social network of the most inveterate readers. Of all the books he has read this year, he is left with a discovery: Sexual totality of the cosmosJuan Bonilla

This irresistible title book recovers the necessary figure of Nahui Olin: feminist precursor, poet, painter, muse and erotic myth that inhabited Mexico in the twentieth century. Juan Bonilla tells his fascinating biography in a novel way with a beautiful and lyrical style, getting Nahui's water eyes to pierce the text and install themselves in our own eyes.

Sonia Beard: A doll to pullMary Jo Bang

Sonia Barba is a poet and madame of the poetic Prostiempo, a collective that recites poetry in private and in the ear claiming the intimate act of reciting. In addition to conducting different workshops of erotic and burlesque poetry, The Brothel publishes a new edition of the Red Book, a volume that collects the work of his poets as an anthology. Thus, it is not surprising that Barba has chosen a book of this genre as it is A doll to pull To read this August.

I like to be aware of the novelties that appear in poetry and, for this, Krilller71 seems to me to be the editorial to which we have to keep track. 'A doll to throw' interested me from the beginning because the author gravitates around the figure of Lucia Moholy, a silenced photographer from the Bauhaus.

The reader: Bad Girls, Assia Petricelli and Sergio Riccardi

The Reader, always among Playmobil dolls, recommends books from Cádiz through her Instagram account. Too coordinates a virtual reading club for the little ones. To lose yourself in a good reading what remains of summer recommends a graphic novel with which to acquire new knowledge in a very cool way

Although right now there are many books that give visibility to those women who changed history with their courage and courage, they will never be enough. In addition, it is a comic and is a very cool reading for the summer.

Ana Flecha: The triumph of the eggSherwood Anderson

Ana Flecha is Norwegian, English and French literary translator. He has worked for Blackie Books, Penguin Random House or Ariel, among many others. He also publishes books, magazines and fanzines and writes books, reviews and articles. For the readers of Jaredings recommends a very peculiar book that could not be more suitable for summer: The triumph of the egg.

If I had to stay alone with a book this year, it would be with The Triumph of the Egg, by Sherwood Anderson, in a fantastic translation by Paula Zumalacárregui Martínez. This book of impressions allows us to travel to a United States of other times without moving from the traditional landscapes of our Spanish summer. Graylock's edition is wonderful and includes the sculptures that Tennesse Mitchell, Anderson's second wife, created to portray the characters that stroll through the pages of this book.

Dear Juliet: The summer my mother had green eyesTatiana Tibuleac

Marta is Dear Juliet, a bookstagrammer with a wide community of readers who periodically await your recommendations. Of all the books you have read and of which you have spoken this year, I would recommend one of those that are called to Appear in all lists of best books of 2019: The summer my mother had green eyes.

Tatiana Tibuleac is a writer who has what the readers who add many books are always looking for: a voice of her own. It's good to get into this story without knowing too much. In fact, I think it is essential to let it surprise you. A few strokes to encourage reading: it happens in a French summer, the characters are rare and extraordinary, hatred gives way to compassion, develops that great literary theme that is the consolation meeting in affliction. Why have I chosen this book as a summer reading? Because the tragic never rests, not even in summer and because of its unique beauty.

Bad girls: 15 stories of brave and creative women

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Things I don't want to know (Random House Literature)

Today on Amazon for € 14.15

The cost of living

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The triumph of the egg: A book of impressions on American life in stories and poems (narratives n)

Today on Amazon for € 191.99

An apartment in Uranus: Chronicles of the crossing: 625 (HISPANIC NARRATIVES)

Today on Amazon for € 17.00

The summer my mother had green eyes (Impedimenta)

Today on Amazon for € 19.47

Sexual totality of the cosmos: 1 (Short Library)

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Make it not look like love (Ink Cloud)

Today on Amazon for € 15.15

Your body and other parties (PANORAMA OF NARRATIVES)

Today on Amazon for € 18.90

Wait time. Chronicles of the Cazalet (New Times)

Today on Amazon for € 23.70

Madrid microgeographs (Plan B)

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