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All the best books we have of 2019 to read in summer

Reading increases in summer compared to the rest of the year. It is not an intuition, confirmed by data from Nubico, the leading digital reading platform in Spain.

Just last summer, reading increased by 30% compared to the rest of the year. More specifically, it was August 26, 2018, the day it was most read.

and it seems that everything is allied so that we can give ourselves more and better to the pleasure of reading during this time: holidays, free time, longer days, the sound of sea waves ...

The long novels that tell great stories They crave especially. Although you also enjoy short and direct stories that absorb you so much that you just finished them in one sitting.

In this extensive and careful selection we gather, from different points of view and approaches, the best news of the year that are perfect for this season.

Most anticipated winter releases of 2019

After the Christmas campaign, the first months of the year are lazy in the sale of books. That is why, to reverse this situation, these months are published some of the most powerful bets of the year.

Land of womenMaría Sánchez

María Sánchez is the daughter and granddaughter of veterinarians. The last of several generations linked to land and animals but the first woman in her family to devote herself to a job traditionally performed by men. In this essay, in addition to offering a realistic vision of life in the countryside, he underlines the danger of losing forever a knowledge that, until now, was transmitted from generation to generation and intends to serve as a speaker for women silenced in the fields Spanish people.

Old voiceElisa Victoria

A unique, tender and fun story that is set in Seville in the early 90's. Marina, "Vozdevieja" for her schoolmates, is nine years old and still plays with her Chabel dolls. Although he already looks at magazines for adults. Further, her best friend is her grandmotherWho stews it, combs it, tells him about his love for Felipe González, teaches him new tacos and sews him dressed in flowers.

The daughter of the SpanishKarina Sainz Borgo

The first novel of the journalist Karina Sainz Borgo is an uprooting story that transcends the portrait of Venezuela. Also a true editorial phenomenon in Spanish literature, sold to 18 countries before publication. It all starts with a corpse, which has just been granted Spanish nationality, and of which the protagonist only has to get rid to usurp your identity and run away from hell ...

Fine rain, Luis Landero

Luis Landero is one of the essential names of the current Spanish narrative. His latest novel tries to answer the following question: Can we talk about everything between loved ones? All with the excuse of a whole family that meets to celebrate the mother's 80th birthday and try to repair the old grudges that have distanced them for so many years.

Everything that happened with Miranda HuffJavier Castillo

A thriller dizzying psychological rhythm in which a couple in crisis decides to spend a weekend retreat in a cabin in the woods. However, when Ryan Huff arrives to meet Miranda he finds the door is open, two glasses of wine on the table and the bathroom is full of blood

SaleswomanSayaka Murata

Change of idea, Aixa de la Cruz

About to turn 30, Aixa de la Cruz decided to sit down and review the first stage of his life. The result is this first-person chronicle that has nothing to do with the fear of leaving youth definitively behind and entering fully into adult life. It's a girl’s journey to maturity and A journey through the author's complex relationship with her gender, which is changing and evolving over time.

The only storyJulian Barnes

Winner of the Booker Prize in 2011, Julian Barnes returned this year with another subtle and profound novel about pleasure and the pain of desire, the wounds left by relationships that end and how we face our past from the different person that makes us Over the years. Evoking, from memory, a youthful love, the English author throws a question: "Would you rather love more and suffer more or love less and suffer less?".

The commander's death (book 2), Haruki Murakami

This novel responds, with a accelerated pace and full of suspense, to all the questions that remained unanswered in the previous volume. The protagonist was left wanting to know what was hidden behind the painting The commander's death and he learned to live with the characters and strange objects that surrounded him in the house in the mountains where he had settled ...

Carvalho: identity problemsCarlos Zanón

Pepe Carvalho is the iconic detective created by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, father of the Mediterranean black novel. Carlos Zanón has been in charge of retaking the character in a new installment that moves between Madrid and Barcelona and in which the detective uses the new technologies for his investigations. His relations with Charo are also more in line with the new times, but what does not change is the charisma of the character.

Tomorrow we will have other names, Patrick Pron

The novel has won this year the Alfaguara novel award by, as the jury declared, to be "the autopsy of a love break that reflects contemporary times in an exceptional way." She and Him, already close to forty, never thought to be single again in a sentimental "market" of which they do not know everything. Thus they begin to inhabit these new spaces in parallel, without drama but with a strong longing that may unite them again.

The best books for summer recommended by writers

Before writer, an author is always a reader. No one better than them can see the seams of a book. They understand rhythm, times and characters so their recommendations are very valuable.

An apartment in Uranus, Paul B. Precious (Roy Galán)

Roy Galán is a viral phenomenon of the letters. His poems and reflections accumulate thousands of likes and are shared at the speed of gunpowder. He is also the author of four books. The last: Make it not look like love. For this summer we recommend one of the hits of Anagram of the season: An apartment in Uranus by Paul B. Precious because "reading this author is making a trip to the confines, to the abyss, to the dark of oneself and that always makes us freer, wiser and better".

The summer my mother had green eyes, Tatiana Tibuleac (Edurne Portela)

Edurne Portela has developed most of his professional career in the field of humanities in the United States. Since 2016 he has been completely dedicated to writing. In addition to collaborating with media such as The country o Radio Nacional de España, has published two novels that have been a critical and public success. To read this summer, Edurne recommended a reading about resentment, helplessness and the fragility of motherhood relationships that also It can be raw, sometimes, but it's full of emotion.

Love, José Ignacio Carnero (Gabriela Ybarra)

The diner, Gabriela Ybarra's first and only novel was an editorial phenomenon translated into Italian and English, which has become Man Booker International finalist. The book that recommends readers of Jaredings To read this summer, in fact, he has a lot of relationship with his own. This is one of the best rated novels of the year, in which the author reconstructs the life of his mother, a Galician woman who emigrated to the Basque Country to work as an assistant in a high-class house on the outskirts of Bilbao

Zenith, Maria Medem (Elisa Victoria)

The third novel by Sevillian Elisa Victoria, Old voice, He had to reprinted up to four times and has received praise from authors like Elvira Lindo. Although the story of Marina and her lovely grandmother also takes place in the summer and smells like a holiday afternoon with nothing more to do than take eternal naps or wait for the sun to go down so she can leave the house, she recommends Zenith of María Médem to evoke the same.

The golden notebookDoris Lessing (Marina L. Riudoms)

Marina L. Riudoms has worked in the publishing sector for Penguin Random House, José Juan Olañeta or Glénat. However, it has not been so far that he has dared to make the big leap and publish his first novel: There was a party. As his book hooks so much and ends up reading so fast, for the rest of the summer he recommends Doris Lessing's golden notebook, reissued by Lumen on the occasion of the centenary of the author's birth. Is about the Nobel Prize masterpiece for keep thinking feminism and freedom.

A doll to pull, Mary Jo Bang (Sonia Beard)

Sonia Barba is a poet and madame of the poetic Prostiempo, a collective that recites poetry in private and in the ear claiming the intimate act of reciting. Thus, it is not surprising that Barba has chosen a book of this genre as it is A doll to pull To read this summer. In it, the author gravitates around the figure of Lucia Moholy, silenced photographer of the Bauhaus.

The best releases for summer 2019

During the summer, publishers cease their activity and no new books are published until September arrives. That is why the months prior to the arrival of the holidays, the industry squeezes and public some of the best books of the year.

Riddle variationsAndré Aciman

Riddle variations is the author's new novel of Call me by your name. A book that, from a different story, continues to explore the same themes: eroticism, memories and body. A story about the possibility of discovering ourselves through others, our shared moments and the intimacy built together.

The idiotElif Batuman

Elif Batuman's novelistic debut, nominated with her novel Pulitzer, is about the great challenge of reaching adulthood. The story begins in 1995, when e-mail was something new and exciting. The protagonist is Selin, who has just arrived at Harvard determined to become a writer but who, accustomed to living through books, arrives at the university without an instruction manual ...

I'm going to talk about Sarah, Pauline Delabroy-Allard

It is the literary discovery of the year in France: favorite of critics and readers, finalist of the Goncourt Prize and winner of the Nancy-Le Point Booksellers Award. Its author has been compared with Marguerite Duras and Yourcenar with this first novel, which is the story of an erotic obsession.

I sing and the mountain dances, Irene Solà

I sing and the mountain dances It is the fourth Anagram Llibres de Novel·la Award. In it women and men, ghosts, clouds and mushrooms, dogs and roe that live between Camprodon and Prats de Molló, in the Pyrenees take the floor. An area of ​​high mountain and border that, beyond the legend, preserves the memory of centuries of struggle for survival, of persecutions guided by ignorance and fanaticism, of fratricidal wars, but which also embodies beauty.

Long sea petal, Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende's new novel takes place during the Spanish Civil War. He introduces a young doctor and his pianist friend, who are forced to leave Barcelona and go into exile. they do it on board Winnipeg, a ship chartered by the poet Pablo Neruda who led more than two thousand Spaniards to Valparaíso. Received as heroes in Chile, they will be integrated into the social life of the country for several decades until the coup d'état that overthrew Dr. Salvador Allende, when they will be uprooted again.

Purple netCarmen Mola

Carmen Mola they have called her "the Spanish Elena Ferrante". The author, who refuses to publicize her identity, is the latest phenomenon of the black novel in our country. Purple net It is the latest installment of the great series starring Elena Blanco. It all starts a summer day with a computer screen on which a session is being broadcast snuff live.

Memories of the future, Siri Hustvedt

Siri Hustvedt has become this year the seventh woman to win the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters. Memories of the future it's his latest novel, a mix of thriller psychological and training novel in which the protagonists are two women, a city and a mystery. A story that moves between reality and fiction.

MalaherbaManuel Jabois

Manuel Jabois' latest novel begins with a puzzling phrase: "The first time Dad died we all thought he was pretending". It happens when Tambu, a ten-year-old boy, finds his father lying in the room and meets Elvis, a new classmate. Discover, then, for the first time love and death, although not in the way one would expect.

You are wanting itKristen Roupenian

This volume collects, along with eleven other stories, Cat person, the story published in the New yorker that, a few years ago, went viral and became one of the most talked about in the magazine at the end of 2017. Roupenian's story tells the story of Margot, 20, and Robert, 34, who are known online , they are cited in person and they have a sexual encounter that ends in a toxic way.

German house, Annete Hess

Before publication, German house It had already been acquired for edition in 20 countries. It is the first novel by Annette Hess, considered the queen of entertainment in Germany thanks to several television series set in the recent past of her country. With this story he wanted explore the point of view of the children of the guilty of the holocaust and how they live the guilt of their parents.

The phenomenal nightJavier Pérez Andújar

The new (and quirky) novel by Javier Pérez Andújar is full of friendship, romanticism and esotericism. Of course, it is also very Barcelona. It all starts when a drawing teacher discovers that he has become Walt Disney. Luckily, the city has the team of a television program dedicated to paranormal phenomena to investigate all the anomalous events that occur ...

The golden cageCamila Läckberg

With A golden cage, the writer leaves, for now, the entire universe of the successful series of The crimes of Fjällbacka and does a foray into the genre of psychological suspense. He also has a new hero: Faye, who despite his dark past has achieved everything he had always dreamed of. However, when from one day to the next, this perfect life goes to waste, it becomes a new bold and avenging woman.

Books to discover Japan

The Far East country merges the traditional with the futuristic, exuding exoticism on all four sides. Something that has made it a fashionable tourist destination. However, there are many ways to get to know Japan without having to step on it. One of them is through his literature, vast and of international prestige.

SaleswomanSayaka Murata

It is the last literary phenomenon out of Japan. With more than 800,000 copies sold and winner of the prestigious Akutagawa Prize, the novel has achieved international success. In a quick and direct reading, Murata uses humor to offer a satirical view of expectations and the pressure of Japanese society with single women.

Yamato's heartAki Shimazaki

The novel tells the story of Aoki Takashi, a 30-year-old man who works in a prestigious company in Tokyo that requires its employees absolute time and dedication. Thus, there is barely room for sentimental life. When Takashi falls violently and unexpectedly in love with Yuko, together they begin a beautiful relationship that is threatened when the heir of the powerful Sumida bank looks at her and officially asks her father's hand.

Summer books recommended by those who make the books

To know what books we should not miss the opportunity to read by the sea this year, what better way to ask the experts. That is, to those people who they dedicate their lives to changing ours by discovering new readings or that they work within the industry so that the best stories come to us.

Wait time, Jane Elizabeth Howard (Belén Bermejo)

Belén Bermejo is an important and renowned publisher of narrative and poetry. Currently, he develops his work in the Espasa publishing house and tells us that, For her, a good book for summer is always a classic. However, this summer has opted for Jane Elizabeth Howard. The author wrote a saga of a wealthy English family, the Cazalets, in five volumes, narrating her life from 1937 to the fifties. This spring came the fourth volume.

Things I don't want to know/The cost of living, Deborah Levy (Carme Riera)

Carme Riera is an associate editor of Random House, considered one of the best publishers in the world. She is one of those people in the publishing industry who, despite not appearing in the credits of a book, make it possible for them to reach our hands in their best version. For the summer he recommends one of the most groundbreaking proposals of the season: the memories, almost live, of Deborah Levy.

Sexual totality of the cosmos, Juan Bonilla (María Caravantes, missloflipo)

The recommendations that María Caravantes makes in her Instagram account are always a safe bet. Also makes guide for the news of the publishing world in Goodreads, the social network of the most inveterate readers. Of all the books he has read this year, he is left with a discovery: Sexual totality of the cosmosJuan Bonilla A book that recovers the figure of Nahui Olin: feminist precursor, poet, painter, muse and erotic myth who lived in Mexico in the twentieth century.

The triumph of the egg, Sherwood Anderson (Ana Flecha)

Ana Flecha is Norwegian, English and French literary translator. He has worked for Blackie Books, Penguin Random House or Ariel, among many others. For the readers of Jaredings recommends a very peculiar book that could not be more suitable for summer: The triumph of the egg, a book that allows us to travel to a United States of other times without moving from the traditional landscapes of our Spanish summer.

Books to change your life

Leaning on science, philosophical currents or experience itself, these books lead the reader along the path of personal growth, standing out for its quality and, above all, for its realistic basis.

Madness as a superpowerJara Pérez López

With an irreverent and direct tone, far removed from the classic psychology books, Jara Pérez presents a written work to normalize the follies that go through all of us. A trip in which we are shown the possibility of we face our weaknesses using our strengths so that we can live with our shadows.

The art of the good lifeWilliam B. Irvine

In this book, William B. Irvine explores the wisdom of stoic philosophy, one of the most popular and successful schools of thought in ancient Rome, and shows how their ideas and advice can still be applied today. Thus, if we observe ourselves in our routines and then reflect on what we live, we can better identify the sources of distress and avoid pain.

To err is usefulHenning Beck

In this intelligent, fun and practical essay, Henning Beck explains why the supposed weaknesses of the brain are its secret weapon, why the greatest potential of our thinking often lies in error and how to use this brain capacity to think more creatively and effectively. That is why erring is useful.

The brain that heals, VVAA

To have a full and happy life, the most important thing is to have a healthy brain. This is the premise defended by the authors of this book. Through their studies and research, they intend to demonstrate that carrying out a specific pattern of brain activity allows us to resist better diseases and can even help us live longer. Nutrition, sleep, exercise or socialization are part of the fundamental pillars to achieve a healthier mind, body and soul.

The art of walkingThich Nhat Hanh

Contrary to what many people believe, meditation is not a mandatory static practice. In fact, One of the easiest ways to meditate is to do it while walking, accompanying the breath to the movement of the legs and arms when walking. The Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh teaches in this book to take the first steps, enjoying every respiratory movement, the blue sky and the sights and aromas along the way.

The end of anxietyGio Zararri

In this book you will find the tools to understand why anxiety occurs in our lives and teaches us to remedy it. SThis is one of the best rated books on this topic on the Internet, has been positioned numerous times among the best selling books and is recommended in journals specialized in psychology. Its author, Gio Zararri, through his own experience, helps the reader change his way of understanding one of the most widespread psychological problems in our time.

Books recommended by the editors of Trendencias

In the Trendencias team we have very varied tastes in regard to reading. We like so much to lose ourselves in novels, like learning things enjoying a good essay and even the comic.

FactfulnessHans Rosling

Hans Rosling, an eminence of the analysis and dissemination of global trends, states that we have ten instincts that distort our vision. Although, above all, it identifies our main problem in that we are not aware of what we do not know, and even when we are informed we get carried away by unconscious and predictable biases. Factfulness, the book that Pepa has reserved for this vacation, promises to change the way we see the world to allow us to respond to future crises and opportunities.

The calendar boy, Candela Ríos

Candela Ríos returns after the great success of The boys of the calendar with a sequel in which he continues to develop his particular and romantic vision of life. It stars Victor Pastor, the same boy who already stole the heart of the readers and convinced them that the ideal man did exist. In The calendar boy He will travel to New York, a city with more than eight million inhabitants in which he will end up sharing an apartment with the girl who does not stop giving him reasons why he should not fall in love with her. A novel that Charlie recommends not only as a light reading but as a substitute for a love of his own summer.

Monster loveKatherine Dunn

Monster love Mix gothic terror, traveling fairs, sects and the tenderness of a family of Siamese sisters or finned boys, among other creatures. The book has sold half a million copies and Tim Burton himself has been interested in its adaptation. Although scary, it's a book full of love which shook the literary panorama in the late eighties and became a cult novel. Highly valued, among others, by Kurt Cobain or Douglas Coupland. We will have to see if it also ends up becoming Patricia de la Torre's favorite.

The books that devoured my fatherAlfonso Cruz

The books that devoured my father It is, at the same time, a journey full of turns and disturbing and magical characters, and a tribute to reading as the best of adventures. Elijah is a twelve-year-old boy whose father lost so much in his favorite books that he ended up disappearing. Now he will get into them to find him and on that trip he will discover love, fear, danger and the magic of reading. Will Anabel Palomares return from reading this novel European Union Literature Prize?

The feelings of Prince Charles, Liv Strömquist

To me, the book that summer caught me reading was Prince Charles's feelings. It seems to me the perfect mix between the light and accessible tone that this station demands, with the desire to learn something that changes the way we see life. In that sense, Liv Strömquist has the formula to do essays in a comic format in a way that keeps the balance between humor and rigor at all times. The book is a documented and passionate plea for how the western construction of romantic love is born, operates and perpetuated.

Latin American modern books

In recent years, in addition, those great names in American continent literature such as Pablo Neruda, Roberto Bolaño or Juan Rulfo have taken over a generation of young writers. A phenomenon that has been cataloged as "boom" and that has come to renew the tradition with a more fresh and modern look.

First person, Margarita García Robayo

In this book there are no great plots, the Colombian author rambles on issues such as falling in love, fear of motherhood, frustrations, boredom or madness, analyzing human nature. With cynicism and irony, the author opens her wounds, which could be those of every woman.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Lolita Copacabana

With a style that drinks from the Tao Lin Alt Lit, the Argentine writer builds here an ironic and funny novel which reflects on the absurdity of the normative world in which we live and starring the mother of Elle Fanning and Lindsay Lohan.

Books about women who love freedom

These books tell us about incredible lives of free women who defy social impositions associated to their gender.

My year of rest and relaxationOttessa Moshfegh

Year 2000. Manhattan as the epicenter of civilization dominated by apathy. Like a dark sleeping beauty, the narrator of this book decides lock yourself in one of the most exclusive areas of the city for one year, backed by a large heritage and a large number of drugs, to devote to sleep and watch films by Whoopi Goldberg and Harrison Ford. Thus, the beginning of a supposedly fast-paced century finds the character created by Ottessa Moshfegh sleeping on the couch with the TV on.

Side effects, Fatima Casaseca

This novel raises two questions: How far are we willing to go to help a stranger? And at what price? It all starts a rainy and depressing spring day in which four women coincide in a clinic in Madrid. Alicia, Sonia, Lola and Begoña are four strangers who share the same secret and they end up crying together in a dark porch. Shortly after, a corpse will make its paths cross again and will test the sincerity of his altruism and the secondary affections of that first encounter.

The girls go where they want, Irene Cívico and Sergio Parra

In this book we meet 25 super-adventurers who changed the world and demonstrated their power. Because we all know the name of a famous pirate, or an astronaut who has come to space but ... and women? Many of them have played a decisive role in our history and we have never known. This books honors them by making them known.

The best mother in the world, Nuria Labari

The protagonist of this novel is 35 years old and is sterile when she decides to be a mother. Five years and two daughters later he believes he has won and lost everything. That's when he decides write a story that is a duel between the writer she was and the mother she has become. If the mother wins, the book will be a diary about her motherhood and a part of the writer will die trying. If the writer wins, fiction will snatch her own story by raising her motherhood to the universal. In that case, it will be the writer who fulminates the mother.

Books to take care of the environment and change the world with new habits

Although to counteract the ecological crisis of the planet it is necessary to replace the model of economy in which it is produced, consumed and thrown away, by one in which waste is used and bet on the minimum extraction of raw materials, as individuals we can also put our grain of sand from now.

Change the worldGreta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is the Swedish teenager who has set out to fight against climate change. Last December she was invited by the United Nations to speak at the summit on climate change and then crossed Europe by train to speak in Switzerland to world leaders at the World Economic Forum. There he asked them panic and act as if everyone's house was burning. To this day, Greta Thunberg is Nobel Peace Prize candidate Y Change the world (Lumen, 2019) is the book that collects all his speeches to date.

Live without plastic, Patricia Reina Toresano and Fernando Gómez Soria

This book reviews the history of this material and the danger that its excessive consumption supposes for the environment. In addition, the authors explain, from their own experience, creative ways to avoid it. Because, as they themselves have shown, living without plastic may seem impossible at first, but it is not.

Mini-gardens: A step-by-step guide to revolutionize your balcony, Marta Rosique and Raúl Piqueras

According to this book, anyone, no matter the experience, can grow at home. All it takes to become a gardener expert is a little creativity and the right information.

More books to enjoy in summer if they were passed to you at the time

Land of women: An intimate and familiar look at the rural world (The Three Worlds)

Today on Amazon for € 16.15

Old voice

Today on Amazon for € 18.05

The daughter of the Spanish

Today on Amazon for € 17.94

Fine Rain: 11 (Wanderings)

Today on Amazon for € 18.05

Change your mind (Trojan Horse 2019, 2)

Today on Amazon for € 14.15

Only story

Today on Amazon for € 18.90

The Commander's Death (Book 1) (Independent Volume)

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

The Commander's Death (Book 2) (Wanderings)

Today on Amazon for € 20.80

Carvalho: identity problems (Spanish and Ibero-American Authors)

Today on Amazon for € 19.00

The summer my mother had green eyes (Impedimenta)

Today on Amazon for € 19.47


Today on Amazon for € 15.10


Today on Amazon for € 18.90

The diner (Trojan Horse 2015, 6)

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

The golden notebook

Today on Amazon for € 22.69

There was a party (HORSE OF TROYA)

Today on Amazon for € 14.15

Enigma Variations (LITERATURES)

Today on Amazon for € 17.95

The idiot

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

I'm going to talk about Sarah (NARRATIVE)

Today on Amazon for € 17.00

I sing and the mountain dances (Hispanic narratives nº 629)

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

Long sea petal (SUCCESSES)

Today on Amazon for € 21.75

The purple net (ALFAGUARA NEGRA)

Today on Amazon for € 18.90

Memories of the future (Formentor Library)

Today on Amazon for € 19.95

Malaherba (HISPANICA)

Today on Amazon for € 17.00

You're looking forward to it (PANORAMA OF NARRATIVES nº 1004)

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

The German house: 1 (International Planet)

Today on Amazon for € 20.80

The phenomenal night (NARRATIVES HISPANICAS nº 622)

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

Tomorrow we will have other names (Alfaguara Prize for novel 2019)

Today on Amazon for € 17.94

A golden cage: A woman's revenge is beautiful and brutal (Camilla Läckberg)

Today on Amazon for € 19.00

The heart of Yamato (NARRATIVE)

Today on Amazon for € 19.85


Today on Amazon for € 15.96

Factfulness: Ten reasons why we are wrong about the world. And why things are better than you think (No collection)

Today on Amazon for € 21.37

The calendar boy (Titania amour)

Today on Amazon for € 14.72

Monster love

Today on Amazon for € 22.70

The feelings of Prince Charles

Today on Amazon for € 17.94


Today on Amazon for € 15.96


Today on Amazon for € 15.96

First person

Today on Amazon for € 17.00

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Lolita Copacabana novel

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

My year of rest and relaxation (LITERATURES)

Today on Amazon for € 17.95

Side effects (NARRATIVE WIFE)

Today on Amazon for € 18.90

The girls go where they want: 25 adventurers who changed history

Today on Amazon for € 15.15

The best mother in the world

Today on Amazon for € 17.94

Let's change the world: #huelgaporelclima

Today on Amazon for € 0.00

Living without plastic: Tips, experiences and ideas to give the planet a break (Zenith Green)

Today on Amazon for € 16.10

Mini-gardens: A step-by-step guide to revolutionize your balcony (Zenith Green)

Today on Amazon for € 15.15

Everything that happened with Miranda Huff

Today on Amazon for € 17.94

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