Epic Fail! We have found the worst manicure in the world. And with photos to prove it

Who doesn't love going to a nail salon? They massage your hands, offer you a thousand different colors and spoil you. During a manicure everything goes well, you relax and you take care of yourself. It is uncommon for things to twist. But this was what happened to this young man from Manchester, who ended with what the Internet has dubbed "the worst manicure in history".

Emma Jones went to get a manicure at a different center than usual, due to lack of time. There he asked to have his nails rounded. You know, filed without spikes or right angles, elegantly. This is more or less, the idea that Emma had in mind. But not what he got.

In theory, yes, his nails were round. But in practice that was an absolute nonsense. It doesn't seem that the manicurist understood what Emma wanted. Or, in fact, what anyone in the world would want if they ask for rounded nails. The order of round nails was taken in an excessively literal way.

Instead of something similar to the one in the previous photo, The young woman ended up having everything round: nails, cuticles, enamel and even the fingertips. More than a manicure, it seems that it has deputy the fingertips in iridescent paint; or has thimbles.

In an interview with the web MamamiaEmma told how everything had happened. "We were chatting about my last vacation to Turkey and I was distracted. It wasn't until I got in my car and I looked at my nails that I thought 'what the hell has he done'. I was so angry that I went to my aunt's salon to make my eyebrows. She, who is also a manicurist, hallucinated. "

Emma's aunt, Angela Blemmings, managed to fix the mess. But not before sharing with the whole world a photo of those nails on Facebook, accompanied by an important message: "This is what happened to my client when he went to a different room without investigating it before. I couldn't believe what my eyes saw and that's why I took this picture. He has been charged £ 35 for this. "

The truth is that it seems that they have glued some giant false nails on top of their own, covering all the surrounding skin. The hardest thing to get a manicure should be to choose the color. You know, decide if you prefer a nude Very classic or risk with some metallic madness. But for her the worst was seeing her hands at the end.

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