The most supportive products with breast cancer turn the disease into design and help research

Breast cancer is a disease that is particularly angry with women. And not only with our health, but also with the self-esteem of those who have gone through a mastectomy as part of the treatment of the disease. That's why it's important normalize the image of women who know that their scars are the proud proof that they are survivors. And that is precisely what they do in the Save the breast association, which has turned the scars into design and they have stamped them on products whose benefits are destined to breast cancer research.

Save the mama was born with three objectives: to raise funds for research against HER2 + breast cancer at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​to become a point of information about breast cancer and how to live and live with the disease and, finally , create a support space for women diagnosed with breast cancer, family and friends. To do this, they raise funds through donations and the sale of the four products with the distinctive design of the association: sweatshirts (35 euros), t-shirts (20 euros), bags (15 euros) and cups (15 euros).

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