Learn to laugh at your life with 9 comedy thundering about the idem

If you have a bad day or a bad run and you want to laugh with life itself or with the lives of others (always in comedy key, of course), we bring you a selection of series of the most fun and that will tear you away, but of laughter.

Mom against the tide

Already going by the second season (A third is rumored) but we continue to bump the same with the adventures of Jill Weber, a wealthy family woman who has decided to give herself a break in work to care for her three children in the elitist Upper East Side of New York. A place where mothers fight to get their children go to the best school and whose only interest is to go to the spa on a daily basis to present themselves to charity meals with a pristine blond.

You will laugh at your own life if ... You feel the weirdo at midwife, nursery and school meetings and you think that having children does not mean giving up being you.


A romantic comedy that It doesn't look like any of the romantic comedies at all that you have seen in your life. Catastrophe It is the story of Rob and Sharon, two strangers who have a love affair in London that she gets pregnant and who decide to start a life together without knowing each other. An ironic and tremendously funny series of two adults trying to survive the first steps of a relationship when there is a third (and even a fourth) in discord: the children.

The creators, scriptwriters and protagonists are the comedians Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney and the chemistry between them is thunderous. But there are not only laughs in this series, there is also pure reality, from which it stings sometimes. Unless it is that of others. It is already in its third season.

You will laugh at your own life if ... you have young children, it seems that a hurricane has passed through your house and sometimes you miss your VDA (Life From Before).


A hilarious series set in the White House and with an aspiring president of the United States, Selina Meyer, as the protagonist. But also a series full of dark weavings, scams, sarcasm and mockery that reveals a vision of the universe of politicians too brutal to be real (although we suspect that inspiration is). Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing as Selina, but she is also accompanied by an incredible team of actresses: Hugh Laurie, Anna Chlumsky or Roger Furlong, among others. It has been six seasons And they are all amazing.

You will laugh at your own life if ... You work in the world of politics, you are interested in how the system works and you have slight suspicions that everything is a heavy joke.


Crashing is one of the premieres of the season. It is the story of Pete Holmes, an adorable comedian who has just left his wife for another and is forced to beg sofas, accommodation and understanding by all his friends, almost all of them comedians. Do not confuse with the British series with the same name set in an abandoned hospital.

You will laugh at your own life if ... You have suffered a break and you need to take refuge in your colleagues to get out of the pothole.

The good place

Kirsten Bell gives life to Eleanor, a woman who after a serious accident ends up in a "better place" because of her good deeds during her life. The problem? That they have really made a mistake as a person and she is not who everyone thinks she is. Caught between anyone discovering their true identity in that perfect world and the desire to return to their previous life on Earth, Eleanor will have to balance so that they do not send her directly to "a worse place". He has just finished his first season.

You will laugh at your own life if ... Your idea of ​​paradise is out of the ordinary.

What happened to Jorge Sanz

One of the best comedies of the Spanish factory of recent times with one of our most beloved actors as the protagonist and playing himself. What happened to Jorge Sanz It is a very different product than what we are used to seeing, but also the typical story of the failed hero who tries to regain his role as a hero at a time when everything goes wrong in life. And the situation seems more real than ever when Jorge Sanz interprets himself: an actor who has had a glorious past but now does not live his best moment and is treated (and humiliated) by everyone around him as a poor man who has lost everything. A new chapter has been released in February 2017.

You will laugh at your own life if ... You also think that any past time (of your life) was better.

Friends from College

If you like Cobie Smulders, Robin in how I Met Your Mother, this new Netflix comedy it will hook you, because it is one of its protagonists. But it is also the starting point is very realistic: a group of friends who went to college together and now, in the midst of the 40's crisis, look back at what they dreamed of becoming in their lives and what those lives are like in reality. Broken dreams, misunderstandings, nostalgia, ...

You will laugh at your own life if ... You also dreamed of doing great things in college and life is nothing like your dreams.


Being forty years old and having to pretend that you are under thirty seems like a joke, but it is the main argument of this fun series starring Liza Miller, a 40-year-old woman who after her traumatic separation (her husband hits her with one more girl young man) he has no choice but to reinvent himself, disguise himself as a 20-year-old and adopt his daughter's personality to get a job. He is going for his third season.

You will laugh at your own life if ... You think that getting older doesn't have to mean changing or feeling more confident.

Young & Hungry

Our colleagues of Vaya Tele defined it as the reference sitcom and already going for its fifth season. A simple and fun product for those moments when you don't need to complicate your life with dramas. Perhaps of all that we bring here is the most naive and less crude with reality, but the story of the chef Gabi and her relationship with her boss and the other employees of her house cannot be labeled as conventional. In addition, you will not find stereotypes as in the series of this style.

You will laugh at your own life if ... Have you ever been attracted to someone at work.

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