Elegance and femininity in its purest form: we tried Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria It is one of those fragrances that has transcended over time and has become one of the references for Calvin klein. Although it has been reinvented several times, it is a perfume that is still in force and is a 'must' for millions of women around the world.

His pyramid was a great leap for the brand at the time and a great creation of Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. The top note is pomegranate, while the heart is made up of the lotus and orchid flower. The bottom is an exquisite combination of violet, amber, musk and mahogany.

His bottle is a small work of art which combines the sumptuousness of the eggplant with the luxury embodied in the silver tones. Its shapes and contours evoke feminine sensuality and invite you to discover its content.

What does Calvin Klein's Euphoria smell like?

I was surprised by the sweetness of his departure, I had no mind that the grenade could bring such sweet tooth nuances without becoming completely fruity. The floral heart is revealed once it has settled on the skin, although in mine it becomes ephemeral because almost immediately I discover the intensity of the woody notes.

Although I have to admit that my heart still belongs to Deep Euphoria, I must say that it is a fragrance that I like because of the elegance it distills. I think it is perfect for cold days, for those who like perfumes with a lot of personality and those who leave a trail.

Have any of you tried it? Do you like it?

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