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When having sex gives us allergy: everything that is known about one of the rarest conditions in the world

In the world of allergies anything can happen. Surely you have met to people with very rare allergies, far beyond the typical allergy to pollen, mites or some dried fruit.

Among all those possible strange allergies, those that interfere with our sexual life are probably some of the most striking - and annoying -. And, as you know, there are some people suffering from latex allergyFor example, what makes it difficult for them to use protection against STDs.

However, the situation can be even more problematic when, instead of allergy to some external element, such as condoms, what you have is allergy to something that is almost an intrinsic part of sexual intercourse. And, some people seem to suffer from one of the rarest allergies (in 2013 there were only 120 cases reported according to some research, although there could be some more). It involves semen allergy and, in some cases, they may not even be aware.

Allergy to a protein present in semen

The first question that arises is how semen can cause allergy to some people. The answer seems to be in the composition of the semen itself. We must take into account that it is formed in 10% by sperm, while the rest is seminal fluid in which they are found minerals, sugars, cholesterol, hormones and some proteins.

And it is precisely in these proteins where the problem that creates allergy for some people seems to be. It would be, specifically, a protein called PSA which, in addition, is also found in the preseminal fluid. Therefore, even before ejaculation, if you are in contact with this liquid, allergy may occur.

One of the curious things about this allergy is that it can appear after some situation like childbirth, a vasectomy or some surgical intervention, although before we had no symptoms.

Symptoms associated with semen allergy

The symptoms do not differ too much from those that may appear in other allergies and They usually occur within minutes of having had contact with the allergen. The problem is that some of these symptoms can be confused with other diseases, such as an STD.

Among other things, it is possible to notice burning, burning, edema, redness or irritation In more serious cases, hives, vomiting, shortness of breath and even anaphylactic shock may occur.

The treatment goes through the condom

In cases of semen allergy the definitive and most effective treatment is the use of condoms since avoiding contact with the allergen is basic To avoid the reaction.

In mild cases of allergy, when we have already been in contact with semen, we may have enough of an antihistamine to reduce symptoms. But nevertheless, the most serious cases will need epinephrine or corticosteroids.

Anyway, if we are allergic to semen, contact with him will always give us a reaction. Therefore, this can be a problem when a pregnancy is desired. In these cases an option is try progressive desensitization or, in other cases, opt for artificial insemination where semen is treated by eliminating proteins.

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