#RainbowRoots, the new hair trend that will stop you from hiding the roots

Fantasy dyes have replaced the classic chestnut, mahogany and brown as absolute favorites. Hair trends do not deceive, we want to have the same color hair as the goodies or jelly beans, in bright and fun tones. Orange, pink and even changing colors. And if they can have all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, better than better. And this is the case of the #Rainbowroots.

We have been paying all the attention of the world to our tips for several years, changing them with Californian wicks or extensions. But from the tip we go to the roots, because this new style of dye leaves your hair seemingly natural, hiding a world of color in the scalp.

That way, this option becomes a great idea for all those who want to risk and try a daring hairstyle, but fear that the thing does not go too well. The roots are the healthiest area of ​​the hair, so they accept dyes well and can be dyed again in case of regret.

If you wear loose hair, this dye so cool will only be seen at times, when you change your mane on your side or wind. But if you pick up your hair you will unleash a magical storm of colors on your hair that will make it very difficult for you to go unnoticed. A 2x1 option that you can alternate depending on the occasion, the look or your mood. It’s cool, right? In the following videos we can see it in action.

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