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Five reasons why 'Yesterday' is the best romantic comedy I've seen this 2019

I confess: I'm a fan of romantic comedies. Fan at almost frightening levels, like knowing complete dialogues of Nothing hill, have a crush with Matthew McConaughey since I saw him in Like crazy for gold, or having made a route in Vespa through the Italian capital in the style of Holidays in Rome.

That's why when I saw that Danny Boyle would a romantic comedy with Himesh Patel and Lily JamesI knew I couldn't resist the charms of the Oscar winner for Slumdog Millionaire.

And this year's romantic comedy bar was very high because Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen managed to do magic with Almost impossible, a hilarious romantic comedy that turned the genre with great skill and talent, but that I didn't have something I can boast about Yesterday, to The Beatles.

These are the reasons why Yesterday it's the best romantic comedy that I have seen in what we carry from 2019.

A world without The Beatles, but with Ed Sheeran

The plot is undoubtedly a great premise that prepares us for a musical comedy focused on the great successes of the iconic British group. Jack, the protagonist, is a young man who aspires to be an artist and to whom things are not going very well. Until he has a bus accident and the "miracle" occurs: in the world where the Beatles wake up they have not existed but he does remember each and every one of his songs.

This plot that imagines a world without one of the most important pop-rock groups in the history of music, is the original plot thread through which this romantic comedy sails, and that touch with surrealism manages to catch the viewer. It also has an extra, the secondary role that Ed Sheeran performs, who we could already see in Game of Thrones playing a small role as an actor

Himesh Patel's voice

As it happened with Taron Egerton in Rocketman, the voice of the protagonist is a pleasant surprise, and more if we talk about listening to him singing songs with what I have grown and that I have been singing in the shower for years. The moment he interprets Yesterday at the seaside with his friends, it's magical. How was this moment in the Show from Jimmy Kimmel.

The script of Richard Curtis

Love actually in a classic of romantic comedies and a brilliant expression of the talent of Richard Curtis as a screenwriter. The same goes for what will premiere this month a remake in series form, Four Weddings and a Funeral, also from the British, or Nothing hill.

Now it's the turn of this tribute to the Beatles whose script is also signed by Richard Curtis. Fun, original and with a lot of sparkle.

They: Lily James and Kate McKinnon

The Cinderella Disney is also the light that accompanies a failed singer in the shade like Jack Malik. Lily James proves she is the perfect co-star, with a funny, sweet and tender point, and a wonderful expressiveness in the eyes.

On the other hand there is the one that undoubtedly interprets the funniest character in the musical comedy, Kate McKinnon. The actress is a humor star and makes Deborah, her character, be the best of the movie.

The soundtrack

It is so fun to hum in your head throughout the movie each and every one of the songs that appear, as was the case with Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman, the soundtrack is undoubtedly a wonderful incentive To fall in love with this romantic comedy.

Without a doubt, a new essential in my list of best romantic comedies. Listen hits of the Beatles is more than enough reason to go to the movies to enjoy with this musical comedy nothing cloying and with a beautiful sweetness.