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Nine things to keep in mind before starting a vegan diet

There are many different reasons why each of us we might want to start on a vegan diet. From the desire not to eat meat, both for health reasons, as for ethical reasons, through the fact of wanting to feed ourselves in a more sustainable way, to the simple fact of wanting to eat healthier and lose some weight.

Whatever our motive, there are a number of things that we have to keep in mind and that it is important to know before we start a lifestyle and vegan food, so that we avoid falling into habitual mistakes.

They will question you

Almost inevitably, when we make a change in our lifestyle and move on to an option that may not be so majority, it is more than possible to question and ask our motives. Learn to deal with these comments and possible criticisms And being prepared for it is important. Our Vitónica colleagues offer us some answers that we can give to those who question our decision.

Better do it at your own pace

It depends on who we ask, they will tell us that it is better for us to launch ourselves to head veganism, while others will tell us that perhaps it is better to start small and evolve calmly. The reality is that, while we are well informed, the rhythm is marked only by us, depending on what best suits our lifestyle and needs.

You have to supplement the B12

Vitamin B12 comes exclusively from sources of animal protein, so when we go to a vegetarian or vegan diet we will have many difficulties to get this vitamin. However, it is really important that we consume it, since, among other things, it participates in the formation of red blood cells. Thus, Supplementation of this vitamin is necessary on a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Beyond B12 you can reach all nutrients without supplements

Beyond vitamin B12, the reality is that with a well-planned vegan diet we can reach all the other necessary nutrients without any problem. Yes, the diet must be well raised and rely on real foods, moving away whenever we can from the ultraprocessed.

Vegan food is no more expensive than any other

There are certain myths that point out that vegetarian or vegan eating is more expensive than other eating styles that include meat. The reality is that it will depend on what we choose to eat. If we consider that, beyond B12 it is not necessary to supplement And we try to follow a meal plan that covers our nutritional needs without paying expensive supplements, the savings will be considerable.

If, in addition, we choose to stay away from ultraprocessed foods - however vegan they may be - and we choose to consume fresh vegetablesMost likely, we even save money on food.

You will not lose weight just by following a vegan diet

As with the cost of the diet, the one you gain or lose weight with vegan food will depend on the food choices you make. If you exceed the amounts, abuse of ultraprocessed foods, opt for flour and refined cereals, etc. you may even gain weight.

If, on the other hand, you choose to stay away from ultraprocessed and rely on fresh foods and what is known as "real food", you will not have too much difficulty staying on your weight or even losing it.

Consult with a nutritionist

We will not deny it, almost all of us are more lost than we believe in what to nutrition it means. However, in the case of those who decide to follow a vegan diet, the risk of being lost and making mistakes is even greater.

Having the help and support, at least at the beginning, of a nutritionist specializing in vegan food, can be of great help. To get started, it will help us maintain a well planned diet, lacking and based on perfectly healthy foods.

Eating vegetables doesn't have to be boring

When we do not know too many recipes based only on vegetables it can be difficult to know how to cook it in a way that we eat varied and do not end up bored of the vegetable. But nevertheless, there are many perfectly fit and delicious recipes to follow a vegan diet. Here you have a list of vegetarian recipes that can be adapted to vegan food.

Failure does not mean it is not for you

Whenever we start something we feel that we have to make it perfect and that if we fall into a mistake, it may be because it is not for us. In the case of veganism there is some pressure not to eat meat again - especially if you do it for ethical reasons - that it can be a sense of guilt if we fall for meat Again at some point.

The reality is that we have grown up eating meat and that, for many, it is a challenge to leave it. That we once fall into the temptation to eat meat does not mean you should give up and get away from veganism. A new routine takes time And all the time you're not eating meat you're already making a big difference.

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