The new Zara Kids collection is so great that we would like to be small again

Do you remember your childhood where one did not have headaches to reach the end of the month And the problems were as banal as who was going to invite you to his birthday party? You may not want to go back to that time ... Although the new Zara Kids collection make you think about you 'little Me' With nostalgia. Surely today you would ask your mother to dress with all her new proposals for this spring 2017.

Following the trends of the moment

Many of the trends that we see in the street and that little by little move in fashion firms, are also seen in the children's collections. Obviously in an adapted way, the Spanish firm is inspired by the street style to take her to a fun collection where the vichy print decorates dresses, short-sleeved sweatshirts are dressed with corset-type cross laces and the shoes remind us of Miu Miu's dancers.

I want it in my closet (and in my day to day)

  • Striped shirt with message on the back, 15.95 euros.
  • Sweatshirt with combined shirt, 15.95 euros.
  • Tricolor sweatshirt, 12.95 euros.
  • Vichy plaid dress, 22.95 euros.
  • Sweatshirt with tropical print, 15.95 euros.
  • Dress with ruffle detail, 19.95 euros.

In Jared | Nivelazo in the new campaign of Zara spring 2017, with photography by Steven Meisel