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10 apps to improve your sex life as a couple (or alone)

The creators of apps Not only do they worry about meeting the demands of those looking for their better half or casual sex. They also offer a wide variety of applications for boost the love life of those who live as a couple: games to break the monotony, practical advice to experience new sensations or challenges whose objective is to stimulate sexual desire. They are not vaccines against sentimental failure, obviously, but you could find the inspiration to fan the flame of passion.

1. If your relationships need a pinch of salt and pepper ...

… With Durex Experiment You will explore new paths with your bed partner. The "experiment" lasts four weeks during which you will implement different erotic games as: mark the erogenous zones with a very special code (CH: suck; P: clap or M: bite); create a "sexy soundtrack" or enjoy the "six sweetest minutes" (or what is being a quickie).

After making the game, the app will ask you to register your heart rate and the level of excitement that you have experienced The objective? That at the end of the month your partner and you can compare your answers and discover the most pleasant sexual practices for both.

Take note: Durex Experiment can be a great help when it comes to winning intimacy with a new partner and learn more about their sexuality.

2. If you need to boost your sexual desire.

Desire It gives you the tools to get it. This application will probably remind you of the famous “kiss, truth and dare”, Although in your case we assure you that the tests are a lot less innocent

To give you an idea of ​​how it works, the app It consists of several categories: sweet love, costumes, roles and fantasy, postures, etc. And within each one, you will have to choose one of the challenges that it proposes. You will find some very light type "I dare you to put me a hundred only with kisses on the neck"; and others more committed: "OK, I accompany you shopping but I dare you to touch me while we wait in the cash line."

Once you have chosen the challenge, Desire It will be sent to your playmate and, as you pass the tests, the application will reward you with new intrepid challenges.

But the adventure does not end there. If you are very creative, the app offers you the possibility to create challenges of your own harvest for later share them online with the rest of the users of the Desire community. All very hippy, yes sir.

Take note: is app give a plus to those little shameful people who they have lost romanticism and / or want to recover the sexual tension with your partners

3. If you want to experience new positions ...

… Your app it's the renovated classic iKamasutra. On the one hand, the version techno of the Hindu sexual manual offers you an illustrated guide to infinite positions with practical and fun tips and on the other, it becomes a great task organizer for you to make your lists of proven, favorite and pending positions.

Take note: if you are very forgetful you can mark them on the calendar and value your experience with each of them (that's why "Don't stumble on the same posture twice", you know).

4. Do you like to break records in bed?

Number of orgasms, intensity, average time of intercourse ... It seems that the creators of apps are determined to measure sexual resistance as if we were background athletes. The Control company proposes the Orgasmometer: an application that quantify the duration and intensity of the climax by registering the movements and groans that you emit during sexual intercourse. In this way, you can assess whether you are in good sexual shape compared to the national average.

In the same line, Sextastik (inspired by the apps sports) take it one step further and you Calculate how many calories you burn in each sexual relationship and in what situations (in the car, with a couple, with two or with yourself) you get better physical performance.

Take note: ideal for those who live the sex as part of your sports training or they take the dreaded bikini operation too seriously.

5. To explore new sexual fantasies.

Without a doubt, the best aphrodisiac is our imagination. But unfortunately stress, fatigue and millions of responsibilities leave us little time to fantasize. Under these premises it has been developed 5 Minutes of Fantasy, a very simple application based on guided relaxation techniques, which helps the user to recreate a pleasant sexual situation in the mind.

Take note: is app It can be very useful for those who complain about having little creativity and for solo sex sessions.

6. If yours is fun sex.

There is a wide variety of erotic content applications based on the gambling. The goal of all of them is none other than enjoying sex with a sense of humor and forgetting the tensions of everyday life. Among the thousands there are, is the Sex Game Roulette: the high voltage version of the traditional Spin the bottle.

You can also try your luck with Erotic Dice: You shake your cell phone so that the cubes rotate and when they stop they will have no choice but to fulfill the challenge they set for you. Ojito !, because some tests are very sensual but others (see, bite one knee) are as little erotic as a chapter of walking Dead. Here everything depends on how lucky you are in the game or, rather, in love.

Take note: the apps Sex games are a good resource for couples who need to share laughs as much or more than improve their sexual relations. Lovers group sex You can also take advantage of them, although you probably already know that.

7. To be a sexy Einstein.

If you want to become a whole sexual nerddon't lose sight of Sex master, a sexpedia full of curious facts about sexuality For example, you will discover that sex toys were invented in 1880 as a therapeutic method against female migraines, that kissing for 1 minute often burns 26 calories or that Of 2,000 men 2 are able to make themselves a fellatio. We are not sure if this kind of knowledge will enrich your sex life, but you will surely leave more than one date with your mouth open. That, or it will run.

Take note: In case you are looking for more practical advice, you can download Hot tips. This application instructs you in a theoretical way in the art of seduction, in relations to two and three and in the “Kinki sex” (pervert sex).

As you can see, the mobile can become A great ally to spice up your sex. Just remember silence it when you and your boy are in full experimentation; it is not going to be that at that precise moment your mother calls you or, much worse, your mother-in-law!

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