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Paula Gonu has in his bank account between 500,000 and 1,000,000 euros: he has confessed to La Resistencia

The youtuber He was last night at La Resistencia and answered the famous David Broncano program question: "How much money do you have?". Although he didn't do it with an exact figure, The interval he pointed out makes his undeniable success quite clear.

Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 euros. That is what, today, is in the bank account of Paula Gonu. The almost 4 million followers between Instagram and YouTube They make it possible for it to reach a greater amount than other successful actors and singers who have gone to the program have declared.

That if, as one of the people in the public pointed out and she did not deny, the income statement has come to pay. And is that the youtuber He made it clear that his manager always forces him to do everything correctly.

In addition to his work on social networks, Paula Gonu has a clothing brand that we imagine is the reason for much of his fortune.

As it always does in its profiles, in the program last night the Catalan once again demonstrated its naturalness and did not put any problem in being part of the interview from the ground (the famous guest sofa has been auctioned on eBay for 20,100 euros). A sign that despite the undeniable success that shows the money that has earned fame has not risen to his head.

He also mentioned his dream of meeting Daddy Yankee, demonstrated his level of German and talked about how he made a living working as a congress hostess while studying the Advertising career at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Well, she also confessed that her boyfriend Alex has an orchard with some very good looking tomatoes that he brought to the program.

Video: LA RESISTENCIA - Entrevista a Alba Flores. #LaResistencia (December 2019).