What would we have to tell you to eat this? Mmm ... probably tell you it's made of chocolate

Normally sculptors work with marble, stone, ivory or wood, but sculptor Sarah Hardy has discovered that there is nothing so authentic to sculpt as chocolate.

Mmmm ... chocolate sculptures, you will sigh aloud. But do not get preconceived ideas quickly, because the chocolate figures molded by this artist are somewhat special and - although they can be shocking for many - the museums are raffled.

Sarah Hardy needs only one hour of work in her kitchen to temper the chocolate and transform it into a really perfect sculpture. And with a different touch. She acknowledges that the bulb was lit on the day she realized the great element that was the chocolate to sculpt. And to take advantage of the revolutionary new techniques to achieve amazing effects.

To achieve these incredible results, Sarah first draws sketches by hand and then manufactures clay molds. Only in this way can you ensure that the final result is optimal. Each piece of chocolate is also hand painted.

Scientists around the world, especially paleontologists and entomologists, are crazy about their chocolates. Perhaps the explanation is his love of creating chocolates shaped like trilobites or fangs of T-Rex.

In fact, many of her favorite museums are looking forward to working with her and we understand the reason: their products would be best-sellers in museum stores like those of Natural Sciences or Archeology.

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