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'Call Me by Your Name' and nine other great gay love novels

This Friday, June 28 International LGTBIQ Pride Day is celebrated, the date on which the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969 are commemorated and marked the beginning of the homosexual liberation movement.

To celebrate we wanted to gather some of the most beautiful and suggestive homosexual love novels that have been written throughout history.

Stories of forbidden love, of taboo love, summer love, love interrupted for years and that is resumed at another point in life, with more wisdom and less naivety ... But always love.

These novels are synonymous with the word "equality" and manage to capture how the feeling of love is so universal who does not understand sexual orientations.

CarolPatricia Highsmith

Carol (Anagrama, 1991) was Patricia Highsmith's only love novel. It was first published in 1952 under the title The price of salt and with a pseudonym. The public's success was immediate, and more than one million copies were sold.

Carol is the original title that her author had given her, a love novel between women that it reads with the same attention that his detective and suspense novels awaken. It begins with the encounter between Therese, a young set designer who works as a shop assistant and Carol, an elegant and sophisticated divorcee, who enters to buy and forever changes the lifetime of the saleswoman.

To the northern lights, Angel Valenzuela

To the northern lights (Two whiskers, 2018) distills testosterone and tenderness in equal parts. He has meat and has a heart. A love novel between men and a story about geographical and personal boundaries that the two protagonists have to learn to get around.

They are Andrés, who is in love with Demetrio, his friend since adolescence. Demetrio, on the other hand, is engaged. However, before getting married and succumbing to a traditional life you want to do a road trip from the northern border of Mexico to Canada to see the northern lights. Both will take advantage of the lonely journey to confess to each other.

MalandarEduardo Mendicutti

Malandar (Tusquets, 2018) is the story of three lives united in time by a lasting friendship although different from each other for its members: Toni, Miguel and Elena, who have known each other since the age of three. Miguel begins to go with Antonio and Elena everywhere but, little by little, the boys discover a special relationship between them.

When the three have turned twelve, with a few weeks apart, Toni and Miguel make a first boat trip and walk to the tip of Malandar, a virtually virgin place where they fantasize about the idea of ​​building a house. These trips will be repeated over sixty years, despite the fact that their lives follow very different paths.

Virginia liked Vita, Pilar Bellver

Virginia liked Vita (Two whiskers, 2016) is a story of real love and, at the same time, masterfully recreated in the imagination of Pilar Bellver, which embodies the sense of freedom that led aristocrat Vita Sackville-West to try to get the love of Virginia Woolf skipping all conventions.

Taking as a starting point the many letters that were exchanged and the biographical data that are available, a novel is built, miscegenation between fiction and documentation, which allows us to sneak into the complex mind of the English writer to better understand the struggle she had with her ghosts. Those he had to beat before accepting Vita's hug.

People like meJohn Irving

In People like me (Tusquets, 2013), John Irving tells a tragicomic story of a frustrated love that runs more than half a century. An absorbing novel about desire and sexual identity.

As school courses progress, and while becoming a writer, Billy embarks on the search for your sexual identity While wondering: is it possible that he likes the most rogue boy in the class and, at the same time, the stunning librarian? Are there more people like him?

Elisa and Marcela: friends and loversGabriel's Narcissus

Elisa Sánchez Loriga, turned into Mario, and Marcela Gracia Ibeas were married in the church of San Jorge in A Coruña on June 8, 1901. Once the "marriage without a man" was discovered, the authorities they were persecuted by forcing them to take refuge in Portugal and Argentina.

It's about the real story of first marriage between women that occurred in Spain and that Elisa and Marcela: friends and lovers (Morata, 2019) reconstructs by analyzing the process and public repercussion that lives linked by friendship and love had.

Maurice, E.M. Forster

Published in 1971 after the death of E. M. Forster, Maurice (Editorial Alliance, 2003) narrates the discovery of homosexual love of a young man from a well-off family and his subsequent experience of it.

The value of the novel, however, lies not only in the exploration of a traditionally taboo subject but in the will of the author of redeem it from shadows, torments and misfortunes. Forster was determined that, at least in a work of fiction, two men would fall in love and remain united. Thus, the only penalty that society imposes on them is an exile to which they give themselves happily.

Profane friendshipHarold Brodkey

In Profane friendship (Anagrama, 1996), Venice is the scene of a friendship and a love that the book portrays in three stages. It begins in the 30s, in pre-fascist Italy. There, Niles O'Hara, an American boy, meets a Venetian boy, Giangiacomo Gallieni. But nevertheless, the outbreak of war will separate them.

In the 40s the reunion will take place. Niles recovers the childhood friend, who during the contest has discovered horror and also sexuality, and that friendship is transformed into homoerotic attraction. Again their destinies are separated and, now in the present, they are reunited for the last time when Niles, now a prestigious writer, writes a script for Giangiacomo, who has triumphed as an actor.

Brokeback MountainAnnie Proulx

Annie Proulx, the Pulitzer-winning American writer, conveys in her book stories her vision of deep America through the portrait of life in Wyoming.

The story that gives title to the work, Brokeback Mountain, taken to the movies by Ang Lee in 2005, tells the story of Ennis and Jack, two cowboys who establish a relationship beyond friendship. Over the years and frequent separations, their relationship becomes a love story that manages to survive everything except the intolerance of the world.

Call me by your nameAndré Aciman

Call me by your name (Alfaguara, 2018) we fell in love on the big screen but also on paper and that is that the novel on which the film is based is a journey through the deepest corners of feelings and eroticism.

In a town on the coast of Italy, during the eighties, Elio's family welcomes students during the summer who, in exchange for accommodation, help the head of the family (and professor) in their cultural commitments. Oliver, a young American writer is chosen that year. During the summer weeks, the hidden impulses of obsession and fear, fascination and desire they emerge in both young people.

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