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Primark has the most complete collection of "The Lion King" perfect for movie fans

The next July 19 premieres The Lion King in real version, one of the prettiest Disney movies, and that aims to be one of the most viewed in history. Primark, as it does with the great premieres of Disney, He has created a special collection for the occasion you are going to fall in love with. There are ideal pieces for the whole family.

For the fans from The Lion King, no doubt this Super collection is going to become your new obsession. Simba, Timón, Mufasa, Nala, Pumba ... They are all the protagonists of each of the fun proposals. In the chain low cost there are cute of all kinds, from garments such as t-shirts and pajamas, many accessories and even pieces deco for home. Many of them point to run out in time record.

Full breakfast set for the whole family. You will want each of the pieces.

  • Cups king and queen 7 euros
  • Funny mug of Rudder 7 euros
  • Cookie maker 14 euros

As in almost all Disney collections for Primark you can not miss a ball of water and snow so cute. Its price is of 9 euros

You can not miss the set complete for the room, specifically for the bed. Quilt, stuffed cushions, pillows. Parts available from 17 euros

Camisoles to sleep. Its price is of 10 euros.

Beauty accessories are other cute pieces that are part of this collection so cuqui. Combs, shadows, mirrors, animal print necessities ... all with Simba as the protagonist.

  • Hair comb 3,50
  • Lipstick 5 euros
  • You need 6 or 7 euros depending on the model
  • Shadow case (price not available)

Black and white ethnic print pajamas. Its price is of 12 euros

Orange sweatshirt with Simba print. Its price is of 11 euros

Baby body and pants. Its price is of 10 euros.

Garments for the little ones of the house very fun and perfect for the summer. Set of two shirts 8 euros and the t-shirt and pants set is 8 euros

White sweatshirt with the characters of the movie. Its price is of 12 euros

51 cute for the whole family

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