Cloned and caught: this is Jacquemus's dress that has inspired Sfera

No two without three and Simon Porte Jacquemus (sigh, sigh) is the fashionable boy in this world. Not only does his presence raise passions and break hearts, his designs attract thousands of women every season they want to dress so simple and very feminine. With these premises we are not surprised that fashion firms low cost They want to be inspired by him. Without going further, Sfera presents a stamped version of simpler dress (and pretty) of the French designer.

Being part of the Jacquemus Spring-Summer 2019 collection

It has nothing but it has everything, here is a possible description of what is being this design in sky blue where a marked V-neck and a midi flight skirt take control of the situation. Sky blue, this garment becomes the favorite of many fashionistas (and the designer).

In tie dye version (and low cost)

Following the lines of the French designer, Sfera launches a similar version with two major differences: the price (only 35.99 euros) and the tie dye print in pink tones as the main element.