The Mary Quant exhibition in London that will make you feel like a real jean girl

Every time you wear a miniskirt, a pichi, a Peter Pan collar, a PVC raincoat, colored socks, it is in some way your fault. Mary Quant She was a great British designer to whom we owe a lot of pop style from the 60s fashion. Now, the Victoria & Albert museum in London Organizes a large exhibition with more than 200 objects designed by Mary Quant from April 6, along with photographs of the time to better understand the context of freedom of the 60s.

In the designer's words: "The reason for fashion is to make modern and stylish clothes accessible to everyone", and in this way she started her store revolution high street from London to the rest of the world. His creations seduced the younger girls and the spirit of rebellion infected the rest of the generations and changed fashion forever. Twiggy It was the model with long legs that wore many of his designs.

But it is not the only exhibition dedicated to Mary Quant that you can enjoy in 2019, Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution will open its doors in the London Fashion and Textile Museum. There you can see how the lifestyle of the 60 changed with respect to the above in fashion, furniture, decoration, textiles, etc. Mary Quant's vision, the use of rounded shapes, of color, defined a new era.

Video: Mini-Skirts 1970 (January 2020).