Duel of styles

This is the Mango set that has conquered all the celebrities besides the instagrammers (and is still available)

Natalia Vodianova, Lena Perminova, Lucy Boynton, Diane Kruger or bloggers as Leandra Medine. All of them enjoy worldwide fame thanks to their professional careers full of successes, and also coincide for showing off the same style signed by Mango. The Spanish firm not only triumphs among the population at street level, the star system He also surrenders to his low-cost models. For this Spring-Summer 2019 there's a two piece set that has gone viral among all of them and is still available in store ... Will you fall into temptation?

He star system this spring ensemble already looks

With pink and red rooster print, this design has everything to succeed: with a sixties miniskirt with a belt included and a large, wide and masculine blazer, the pieces are cool, but together they gain strength. That is why Diane Kruger, Lucy Boynton or Lena Perminova have not hesitated to go out with this outfit as the only protagonist.

The world of the USSR also surrenders to these designs

To talk about Mango is to talk about the looks of fashion instagrammers, and this two pieces has been seen in the accounts with more followers of all Instagram. From Blanca He looked at Diletta Bonaiuti without forgetting Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) or Marta Cygan (@lifeofboheme).

You want it?

If you are one of those wants You need these designs in your closet, you're in luck: they are still available on their website.

  • Houndstooth coat, 89.99 euros.
  • Checked mini skirt, 29.99 euros.

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