Luciano and Toscani return to Benetton to return all the color and controversy of the firm

Benetton has taken the head out of her burrow again. The Italian firm had a bad run in recent years and has found the perfect antidote to return to the front page. What better way to do it than going back to the origins? In the most literal way possible, because its founder Luciano Benetton has returned to refloat the firm. At 83, the entrepreneur wants "color, design and new materials." And he has done it accompanied by Oliviero Toscani, the photographer who took them to the top.

Luciano Benetton has already retired from the universe fashion more than a decade But that doesn't seem to have taken away the bug, because he has decided to take over the company again, with his new artistic director Jean-Charles Castelbajac as an ally. Benetton, who in these times has lost tug due to his wrong attempt to fight against him fast fashion, returns to its most authentic DNA. The Italian comes to have fun, to recover that multicolored signature signature explosion.

The proof is in his latest collection, which he has paraded for the first time in Milan Fashion Week. An ode to Benetton's expert and pioneering industrial production, innovation and color. That is clear to us at a first glance, because they have not been euphemism. The palette is composed of primary tones to the parcheesi, which do not go unnoticed.

Benetton materials return, without fear of anything. "Renew or die" is a saying that has been taken to the letter. The traditional point of the brand is mixed with wetsuits, leggings, cuffs in contrast, trench, colors, creativity and, in the words of the artistic director himself, "affordable prices". This is Rainbow machine, a collection that breathes good vibes and recover the company's heritage with a good dose of cartoons, from Mickey to Snoopy. If we even have the phrase United Colors of Benetton back among us!

The return of Toscani, one of the keys to Benetton's success

Benetton has not wanted to experiment with the keys to success. On the contrary, he has reviewed what he had in the past to drive us crazy and decided to go back to it. In the end, authenticity is what attracts. Therefore, after a stylistic proposal in which the rainbow is again the center of design, the Italian firm has looked towards marketing. Do you remember the iconic advertising campaigns of Benetton?

They were the first to risk everything with pictures of political leaders kissing, children of all races posing together and vindictive and politically bold images, which became a statement against racism and homophobia. The architect behind them was Oliviero Toscani, the photographer who also returns to Benetton. And with Luciano, he promises to bring back the Italian firm.