Low cost trends at a single click: El Corte Inglés opens a store on Aliexpress

The English Court makes it easy for us to get the latest trends as it has just launched its brand Unit on the Aliexpress shopping portal. Unit was born a year ago with the purpose of offering Basic with low cost design for the whole family. And as with this cold it costs us so much to leave home, we show you our selection at the click of a button: so that without moving from the sofa you get authentic chollazos.

The purest military style animal print in all its versions with the cow print at the head, the garments oversize, as well as the classic plaid and tartan print, are just some of the trends that will govern our outfits this season.


Ready to join the latest trends?

  • Pants wide suit with plaid print for 7.99 euros.

  • Blazer In black with fall. Perfect for a look office for 29.00 euros 14.99 euros

  • Booty biker in black for 39.99 euros 19.99 euros
  • American checkered print 29 euros 14.99 euros
  • A white blouse Basic with drawstring and gathered at the top for 9.99 euros.
  • Vest Synthetic hair in brown tones, ideal for colder days for 32 euros 24.99 euros
  • Scarf with print leopard for 4.99 euros.
  • Shoe military green with sole 19 euros 9.99 euros.