Iskra Lawrence, the anti photoshop model, strips naked for Chantelle

Iskra Lawrence, the anti model photoshop, participate in the campaign What's Underneath, a project sponsored by the firm Chantelle, in which different people with a story of overcoming to tell, undress all their clothes in front of the camera. Its objective? Fight against stereotypes and claim that there are multiple ideals of beauty.

The 26-year-old British-born model with 2.5 million followers in Instagram, is the protagonist of the campaign led by Chantelle and the portal Style Like U, a website created by a mother and her daughter to claim the need to accept oneself. A challenge that Iskra Lawrence knows well. Model since the age of 12, saw how as her body developed and her curves were revealed, some agencies rejected her for not adapting to the standards required by the industry. Iskra then undertook a long way to find his place in the fashion world but, above all, to get accepted and feel good in his skin.

It has now become a champion of the fight for diversity in the world of fashion and fight to end the excess of photoshop, according to her "Create erroneous beauty prototypes."

"Seeing my body in an ad in Times Square without any photo retouching was an incredible feeling after so many years of fighting" Iskra Lawrence

His last feat has been to create a petition on (the largest platform for petitions in the world), to promote the introduction into schools of a subject that fosters students' self-knowledge and self-esteem. To this initiative, which by the way, is already viral, has joined the signature of Chantelle lingerie, which has been supporting the diversity and beauty of the female body in all its shapes and sizes for years.

Video: Ending the pursuit of perfection. Iskra Lawrence. TEDxUniversityofNevada (January 2020).