Alexander McQueen turns the protagonists of fairy tales into punk princesses

Alexander McQueen's maxim is always that of get us out of the real world and transport us to some dramatic place full of poetry and romanticism. The creative director of the firm Sarah Burton takes care of this happening, always including historical allusions in her inspirations. With the spring-summer collection, the brand has taken the sweetest protagonist of fairy tales and has given a modern touch, grunge And full of attitude. Princess, warrior or both?

Among the garments presented yesterday during the Alexander McQueen parade include the long dresses up to the feet made in nude lace and silk, that break your romantic image with jackets embroidered and very sexy and structured leather bustiers. We also saw wool dresses fabrics of different shapes: patchwork and crochet with poppy and rose prints. The perfect balance between the world punk and a very bohemian touch just out of Romeo and Juliet.

However, if there is something that stood out above all else were their pants tailored made in gray tartan. Sometimes accompanied by tailor jackets and sometimes with mini kiltsAlexander McQueen showed that the jacket suit can be very grunge and it still has a place within the trend sporty. Strength, romance and beauty They are the three adjectives that best define this collection.

Punk romanticism

Steamy, feminine and very sweet dresses are combined with belts, bikers Y bustiers leather to give them more strength, porder and a very touch punk. The perfect balance of forces to move from princess to amazon.

Scottish pants

The tartan is a print that has always been very close to the firm, being reinterpreted every season to make it more modern and current. This spring-summer we will not forget him either, in your version more grunge and british eighties.

Wool sweaters and dresses granny style

Another of the proposals that he liked most about the McQueen catwalk have been his designs in wool. Garments made using crochet techniques and patchwork that could be very old and traditional (like the sweaters made by grandmothers), but that Sarah Burton has given a rebel and groundbreaking touch.

Roses and Poppies

The floral print could not be missing in a collection so magical and full of drama. This season comes in its strongest format, with embroidered and in volume in 3 dimensions so that no detail is escaped.

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