After the debate, Hillary no longer strives to fall well, but with this letter she will captivate many hearts

Hillary Clinton does not have the best of public images. Come on, he doesn't like him very much in his country. After his victory over Trump in the first television debate, the issue seems to matter less, but this week has come to light an exchange of letters with a 7-year-old girl who has put half the world in her pocket.

Jennifer Rosen-Heinz is an American woman who, in early summer, contacted Hillary Clinton's team, through her website to thank the Democratic candidate for breaking the glass ceiling and to explain how that had influenced his daughter Lilly, 7.

A month ago, my daughter Lilly, 7, told me: "I want to change my name to Lillary."

Me: "Why, honey?"

Lilly: "In order to be president when I grow up".

The representation MATTERS.

When a local television reporter asked her how much it meant to her that Hillary could become president, she said: "It matters a thousand percent. To infinity.".

Thank you, Hillary ... for breaking that glass ceiling for ALL the girls and women of this country. Lilly dreams of making a real change, not in spite of being a girl, but BECAUSE she is a girl, and she knows that her possibilities are endless.


A week ago, Jennifer, who confesses in the article where she tells the story that she expected a type response sent by one of her advisors, he received the answer in his mailbox:

Dear Lilly,

I received a great message from your mother, and I was excited to know that you wanted to change your name to "Lillary" to be president when you grow up. I think Lilly is a great name, and I hope you know you don't have to change it to become president; If you dream big, work hard and care deeply about the things you believe in, there are no limits to what you can get.

I know it may seem like a lot now, but when you grow up and learn and look for your own place in the world, I hope you think about how you can make your voice heard. Say what you think in your classes, and in meetings, when you have a job. Be proud of your ideas. Be confident in the value of your contributions. And, if the space you are in has no space for your voice, don't be afraid to make your own place. Do not give up, on yourself, your dreams, your future. You can be what you want. I can become the first woman president, but you, Lilly, could be the next.

With best wishes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Jennifer, Lilly's mother, has decided to make the letter public because she believes that all girls (and boys) need to hear what Hillary says to her daughter. "We want other parents to read this letter to their children. Replace Lilly's name with your child's. By sharing this letter, we are creating the space for our voices to be heard. Voices asking for challenges, consideration and love"concludes Jennifer.

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