Hillary grows up to the disease, because that's what any of us would do

During the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of 11S, in New York, last Sunday, Hillary Clinton suffered a heat stroke. Alarms about her health jumped right away, so the Democratic candidate had to get out of the speculation recognizing that, 48 hours earlier, she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and prescribed five days of rest, advice she ignored. Is that an intrinsically feminine attitude?

Hillary Clinton is immersed in the middle of a brutal electoral campaign. That seems justification enough to have neglected your health, ignoring medical advice to treat your disease. But it is not necessary to be one of the women with the greatest responsibility in the world to put labor obligations above one's own health. Thousands of women do it every day, millions. And not only for work reasons, also family. How many times have we gone to work with fever? How many to pick up the children even though a flu has us out of play?

Jennifer Lawrence He also suffered pneumonia in 2013 and, although he canceled some events, he appeared at the Oscars as if nothing happened. Lena Dunham she suffers endiometriosis, a chronic disease that has caused her to reduce her rhythm at times, something for which she herself has declared to feel fortunate, since many women with the same ailment cannot afford to stop. Mireia Belmonte, the Spanish swimming super champion, is asthmatic and allergic to chlorine. All of them, like so many of us every day, overcome their difficulties, many times more than we should. Who said weak sex?

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