Prohibit women from using swimming pools during menstruation? Is happening

There was a time when popular culture said that women should not bathe during the days of their period. Fortunately, common sense and hygiene have been imposed in recent decades and nobody believes that water and menstruation are incompatible concepts. Well ... or almost nobody. The controversy has jumped these days with the prohibition, in a public swimming pool of Georgia, of women bathing during the days during which the period lasts.

Sophie Tabatadze is a user of the Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Club of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Last week, on one of his visits to the club, he found the polemic poster. In it, in English and Georgian, the following was noted: "Dear ladies! Do not use the pool during your periods." Sophia took a picture of the poster, uploaded it to Facebook, and the publication soon became viral:

Vake Swimming Pool And Fitness Club, do you realize how offensive this is? And, by the way, since according to your regulations we are not allowed to use the pool 5-6 days a month, do we have a preferential price compared to men? #misoginia # misoginiaenacción

Those responsible for the gym had to step out of the accusation. They declared that his measure was not sexist and that "we once had an incident in which a woman contaminated the pool with blood from her period. We try to follow the hygiene rules and ask users to do the same." In subsequent statements, they added that it was not just that incident, but they had also found buffers floating in the pool, "so it's not just something that is solved with tampons. It's a measure for the sake of women and for the rest of the swimmers. "

Sophia has stated that "the warning seemed very disappointing. We live in a strong patriarchal culture, with many stigmas related to menstruation, which limit the participation of women in sports. I think this is a good opportunity to bring the issue to light and start a discussion about women's health, including the fact that the period is not something embarrassing or unhygienic. "

The experts agree. Gynecologist Jen Gunter of San Francisco stated that "there is no public health risk in the rule. I would worry more about the presence of feces in a pool, where there are also other body fluids such as sweat or urine. Prohibiting bathing with the rule responds to the ignorance of many people of how the body works during the period. "

It is not necessary to be a gynecologist, or a woman, to know that the use of tampons or menstrual cups minimizes the risk of escapes during the period days. In addition, it is proven that swimming during those days reduces menstrual cramps and other associated pains, so prohibiting access to swimming pools for women during the period is even more unfair. Fortunately, it seems that it is a measure that other centers do not shuffle and, hopefully, will stay in anecdote in this Georgian pool.

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