7 feminist phrases that will give you energy to never give up

As much as society has made progress in recent times, (almost) no one escapes that feminism is still necessary. There are still many areas of society in which being a woman becomes a daily struggle And sometimes it is easy to lose strength. In those cases, it may be useful to resort to some great women, from the past and the present, who have left phrases that are worth remembering in the low moments.

If you're ever not sure what feminism is ... Rebecca West

Rebecca West is the pseudonym of Cecily Isabel Fairfield, English writer and journalist. He wrote in media such as Sunday Telegraph or The New Yorker. He was spokesman, in his time, of socialist and feminist ideals.

If you feel misunderstood by men for being the way you are ... Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian writer, considered one of the leading exponents of African literature. Your TED talk We should all be feminists (We should all be feminists) gave worldwide impact, making even part of his words part of the song Flawlessfrom Beyonce.

If you feel overwhelmed by physical demands ... Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland was a famous fashion columnist and editor. Wrote in Harper's Bazaar Y Vogue for over forty years, in addition to being a consultant to the Costume Institute of the MET in New York.

If you feel misunderstood by other women ... Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is a actress, director and screenwriter which has achieved worldwide fame with the series Girls, which she created.

If you need to reaffirm your feminism… Dale Spender

Give Spender is a University professor and writer Australian whose work Man made language, from which this quotation is extracted, examines determinism in patriarchal societies and the way in which men use language in their favor.

If you think there is something you should or should not do depending on your sex ... Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a british actress who rose to fame in his childhood for his interpretation of Hermione in the saga Harry Potter. Graduated in English Literature, she has always stood out for her activism in favor of women's rights.

If one day you doubt your strength ... G.D. Anderson

G.D. Anderson is a australian writer, author of the book Sapera. Regular defender of minorities, this quote from her about feminism and female strength became viral in 2013.

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