Duel of styles

Jacket duel: the new blogger trend is to wear a model with the name itself

Sorry but ... What's your name? That question to many bloggers don't make it anymore, and we do not mean that their fame has given them a certain social status. We mean that the Last trend among them is to wear a denim jacket With your back decorated by your own name. And so we see it daily in their accounts Instagram

Social networks echo the new model of the firm Rails and Aimee Song or Arielle Charnas so they teach us. The latter does not respond to the name of Arielle, but to Ruby Lou, her newborn daughter -aboveable to another level-. And although the price of the jacket without being customized is quite high (exceeds $ 200), it gives us an idea to make a DIY at home.

Do you dare to the new trend?

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